Did you know March is National Craft month? I did. But I blinked and it was gone…

I love to craft, as you can probably guess by now. Now I’m passing that love on to Roo the best way I know how. I’m not sure if she really loves it right now, or just enjoys the uninterrupted one-on-one time with me. But I’ll take it either way!

On Whimsyroo.com, I blog a lot about crafts I do with her:

Butterfly Crafts and Activities

Pipecleaner Butterfly Craft

Nature Crafts

Decorated Pinecone

Cardboard Crafts

cardboard people craft

Paper Flower Crafts

Paper Daisy Chain

Preschool Sewing Projects

Easy Sewing Projects For Preschoolers

But I craft for myself too. It’s my form of Self-Care

Clay Dragon Figurine

and way to relax. Sewing, drawing, painting, messing around with clay, various paper crafts… I love building things. Recently, I built a Stuffie Zoo to store all of Roo’s stuffed animals. Making Gifts is another great way to make the most of my crafting time, like when I made these Sharpie Mugs

DIY Sharpie Mugs and Glasses Tutorial(3)

. This Cute Storage Box

Fabric Storage Box

Craft is so helpful for storing my scrap fabric that I ended up making more. Some to store winter accessories, toys, and paper scraps too. Even something as simple as adding foam letters to a plastic bin to create a Toy Timeout B

toy timeout box

ox is very rewarding. Mobiles made from paper are one of my specialties and one of the only crafts WhimsyRoo currently sells on Etsy .

What are the Benefits of Doing Crafts for Kids?

1. Fine motor skills

2. Develops creative “outside the box” thinking and problem solving

3. Improves hand-eye coordination

4. Builds Self-esteem by giving kids something they control

5. Promotes self-regulation and executive function skills

6. Eases language development

7. Improves focus and persevereance

What Are the Benefits of Doing Crafts for Adults?

Many of the benefits adults can recieve from crafting are the same as for children.

1. Builds confience and self-esteem through decision making and problem solving

2. Improves hand-eye coordination with fine-motor practice

But there are more specific to adults, especially those who are aging or suffer from illness.

3. Relieves stress by providing distraction

4. Improves memory through repetitive movement and planning ahead

5. Enhances brain activity in general

Need More Inspiration?

Here’s some great links to other bloggers who craft with their kids! (click the picture to follow the link)

preschooler activity

Plus A Way To Give Back Through Crafting


Overwhelmed looking for a Craft?

WhimsyRoo sells Adult Craft Kits on Etsy that include instructions and all the supplies you’ll need for the craft you want to try!


And for kids I’m so excited to be offering Preschool Activity Packs! These themed activity kits not only include crafts and templates for the crafts, but learning activities and projects too. And you can get these right here right now to download and print TODAY right here.

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