We had a lot of fun with this video, plus I included an extra activity for getting cleaned up.

I’ve enjoyed the last week with you. Even if you missed or skipped a few crafts, I hope this has inspired and motivated you to keep crafting with your kids. Crafting together can be such a great bonding experience, I think we all have fond memories of arts and crafts when we were kids.

This week’s video was filmed LIVE on Facebook and Instagram. So follow the link to the replay.

Cotton Ball Throw Video

Supplies for Cotton Ball Throw

This activity is pretty self explanatory

Water down paint to two parts paint and one part water, dip in cotton balls, and throw towards paper or poster board!


Want more arts and crafts?

If this has inspired you to keep crafting (even if it’s just once a week, or once a month) then head over to whimsyroo.com/blog to find arts and crafts project ideas for all ages! I encourage you to get creative and make something with your kids as often as you can and make it a habit that lasts.

Before we part, I wanted to give you the opportunity to check out my Independent Creators: Arts and Crafts course for kids!

This course is a video course for your kids to not only learn some fun crafts, but how to become a little more independent with their crafting.

That means more down time for you while I entertain the kids. What mom doesn’t want that?!


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