Welcome Back to Day Four of the 7 Day Craft Challenge!

You’re more than halfway there and you’ve built great momentum.

Today we will be making a Paper Flower Daisy Chain with your kids.

Supplies for Paper Daisy Chain

To make the daisy, loop paper strips end to end and attach together using tape or a stapler. The ends should be matched, not one on top of the other to make a petal shape.


Repeat this 4-8 times.


Attach petals to 1 circle then pop the second circle on the other side.


To make the chain, loop paper strips around one petal of the daisy and fasten together. I used green and made them petal shaped like leaves. You can choose another color and to attach the ends of the strips one on top of the other to make a circle.


Continue making your paper daisy chain by looping the single loops together and adding daisies the same way until the desired length is reached.