Calming Activites for Little Hands

It's hot outside, and Roo has been bouncing off the walls (and couch, and beds...) I've been trying to find ways to calm and focus her as well as giving her opportunities to release all that energy. We have playdates, play in her little pool, play at the aquatic park, play in the sprinkler, play [...]

Keep Kids Entertained All Summer (Screen-Free)

Keeping the kids entertained all Summer screen-free sounds easier until you've run through all your ideas in the first week of summer. Just a few days into my oath of keeping summer boredom free, and I'm running out of steam. Sound familiar? Then I realized: I don't have to be the one to come up [...]

Curing Boredom With Creativity Plus–A Butterfly Lifecycle Craft

Curing Boredom This Summer To cure the boredom that inevitably comes with summer, I have a game plan! Each day, we will strive to do everything on this list. Sing A playlist is loaded with our favorite songs to sing. Dancing is likely to occur as well. Write Roo is not writing yet, but I [...]

H is for Halloween

It's here! Almost. Halloween weekend and all its activities has arrived. The actual day looks to be cold and raining... So we've been stuffing in as much fun as we can into this cold weekend. We went to a local pumpkin patch. Painted paper plates and turned them into decorations. Tried threading a spiders web. [...]

G is for Ghosts and Other Halloween Fun

Halloween is drawing closer, And Roo couldn't be happier. She is really getting into the holiday this year and gets excited when she spots anything Halloween related. Especially bats. Skeletons not so much though. We even watched Nightmare Before Christmas a few nights ago. I went into it prepared to stop or skip through spookier [...]

F is for Fun Fall Activities

Our letter this week was F and we are continuing our work on counting to 3, the color blue, and squares. I was worried about Roo confusing the letter E with F since they are so similar. (We are only doing capitals this year) She did at first, but I explained the E has three [...]

Letter E/Staying Focused and on Task

Roo did so much better this week, or maybe I did. Probably both. She had to be reminded to stay on task often and if she felt my attention was elsewhere, she'd wander more. But over all the tantrums, the bossing, the attitude, all of it was toned way down. Her daddy and I have [...]

Squares and the Letter D/Terrible Twos and Raging Hormones Don't Mix

This week was a doozy. If you read mylast blog (or know me well) you know I struggle with anxiety and depression. I talked about how my need to control things lead to anxiety and when I felt out of control, I would get depressed. Although several doctors have said several different things, I've noticed [...]

Letter C activities/C is for Control Freak

So this week we began the letter C and I used Pinterestideas plus some of my own for activities this week. We dipped the pompoms in glue before placing them around the C and I added the googly eyes and antenna later. Sensory bin again, filled with Cs and 2s and little plastic Cats. A [...]