Encouraging Dramatic Play and Pretend in Preschoolers with a Craft!

Playing pretend isn’t just an activity in our house, it’s something Roo is doing constantly. I can’t count the number of times I’ve put her to bed by saying “Goodnight, puppy,” instead of her name. While sitting at the table for meals, she is better behaved and more involved if we are all acting as […]

Pretend Play and Its Importance to Development

Pretend play, or role playing is a recent developmental milestone Roo has hit at age two. It began with talking to her dolls and stuffed animals, instead of simply carrying them around. I would overhear her reenacting moments from our day with them. “No, no, Bear. That’s bad!” “Ssshhh, Baby. It’s night-night time.” “C’mon, Dolly. […]