WhimsyRoo is the brand name I’ve given my ever-evolving creative adventure. Here on this website, you can follow that adventure through my blog posts, buy things I might have for sale, and find inspiration and support for your own adventure!

I am a Mother, a Wife, and a Dance Teacher. I homeschool my daughter and we are currently in Pre-K. My husband and I recently bought our first home, so my free time is full of DIY projects and unpacking and organizing. I teach ages 2-18 multiple styles of dance including Ballet Tap Jazz and Contemporary. I also dabble in painting, sketching, sewing, room design, party planning, crafting, and any other creative project that captures my attention. My hope with this blog and site is to build a community where we can share our current projects and empower each other to take risks and make mistakes and get back up and create something to be proud of. I want to call people from all walks of life to a creative lifestyle, regardless of talent or time constraints. Lastly, I hope to set aside a place to offer some of my projects for sale! If any of this sounds remotely interesting or inspiring to you, please follow me via social media, and sign up for email updates. I promise not to bug you unless it’s something really exciting or important!