WhimsyRoo is a home for multi-passionate people like me. We like to DIY every part of life we can. I DIY my projects, my home, my kids’ education, my garden, parties, and cooking.

What can you expect to find here at WhimsyRoo?

What you won’t find is tutorials from someone who knows everything about the subject. I’m in the weeds, just like you. I like to try new things out and see what works and what doesn’t. Maybe things will be awesome maybe they will fail. But I want to bring you along as we learn together.

What is here?

DIY Projects: Skills I’m Mastering

DIY Inspiration: Skills I’m Learning

Crafts and Activities for Kids

Homeschool Ideas

Party Planning

Holiday Decor

Gardening Tours and Inspiration

Homesteading Journey

And so much more!

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DIY Christmas Advent Calendar

I decided to make a DIY Christmas advent calendar out of fabric last year. I’ve always loved advent calendars and the excitement of opening a little treat every day leading up to Christmas. But last Read more…

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