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Legend of Zelda Themed Birthday Party Ideas

This year’s party was actually one big game. I borrowed some ideas from several of the Legend of Zelda games and created a scavenger hunt type adventure game for my husband to follow. It made him smile so I’m sure it will impress and excite kids of all ages

DIY Flower Crown for a Fairy Princess

Flower crowns are a must for any dress up box. Roo’s Fairy Themed Birthday Party wouldn’t have been complete without the fairy costumes, which included DIY flower crowns I made for each of the girls. Here’s a quick and easy tutorial on how I made the flower crown for a fairy princess.

DIY Fairy Birthday Party Ideas

Roo requested a Fairy Birthday Party for her 4th birthday. She has several cousins who were born the same year (and within a few months) as Roo, so we threw a “cousin party” with a Fairy theme. So here’s some ideas we used to throw …

DIY Pokemon Party

Pokemon Party Ideas

Pokemon has had a resurgence in popularity it seems since the cartoon first aired in 1997. My guess is the newfound popularity is due to Pokemon GO! and other recent video game releases. My husband has had a soft spot for the Pokemon franchise since childhood and has shared this with Roo. His birthday came up recently and while he didn’t want anything extravagant (and I honestly didn’t have the energy to do much) Roo was horrified to find out he wasn’t having a party. I agreed to put together some decorations and a cake with her to surprise Daddy. She decided a Pokemon themed party would be perfect and I agreed.

Planning the Best Rainbow Themed Party

I planned a rainbow themed party for my rainbow loving girl. It was a huge hit with her and her little friends. Everything down to the food was rainbow themed. Here’s how I did it. The decorations for this rainbow themed party were ridiculously easy but SO cute. First…