7 Day Craft Challenge

7 Day Craft Challenge!

A full week of crafts that kids and parents will love. Can you complete them all?

Whether you are a crafty person in an inspirational slump, or a first time crafter looking to entertain their kids, this challenge is for you.

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What to expect

Fun daily crafts for kids and parents to do together

Video tutorial

Written tutorial

Supply lists

Quality time together


Who can do the 7 Day Craft Challenge?

In short, the whole family!

Crafts were made with preschoolers in mind who can work with small objects like beads, and are practicing their scissor skills.

Younger kids can also participate but will need more adult help and supervision.

Older kids will love taking more control over the project.


Why do the 7 Day Craft Challenge?

My passion is to get kids and their care-givers to be creative and bond together under the umbrella of creativity. That’s why I created this 7 Day Craft Challenge. To encourage you to get creative and make something with your kids everyday and make it a habit that lasts.


How do we start?

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