About the Author

Samantha, writer of WhimsyRoo blog and owner of the WhimsyRoo Etsy shop, is a mom of one. Her daughter, referred to as “Roo,” is three years old and schooled at home by Samantha.

Roo is the inspiration and motivation behind much of the content. Samantha has always been a creative individual and is constantly growing in her crafting skills. She loves to try something new and immerse herself in a project like sewing a dress, painting a landscape, or hand-lettering a thank you card.

Samantha firmly believes that all people can and should be creative and learn a new craft. Her goal is to create inspiration and make creativity accessible to everyone, no matter their age or skill level.

When she is not blogging or crafting or chasing her three-year-old, Samantha is a dance teacher. She has held the job since she was 15 years old and teaches styles including ballet, jazz, contemporary, and tap. She lives in Dallas with Roo, her husband, dog, and two cats.