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Toy Timeout Box

Toy Timeout Box: Easy Parenting Craft

A Toy Timeout Box is exactly as it sounds, a box I put toys in when Roo misbehaves. It sits in an out of reach place that is still visible as a reminder to act better for the rest of the day. The next morning…

creative journaling

Back To School Organization Tips: My Bullet Journal Example

Each item is color coded with tabs so I can flip to them easily. The post it notes and banners have been used for information that changes. For example, my cleaning schedule includes when I last did things like bathed the dog or changed the sheets. The post it banner holds that date and can be replaced when I do it next.

I’m having a blast staying organized with all aspects of my life in one little bundle! Back to school was a perfect time for me to begin this.

Story Stones and Rock Painting Tutorial

Have you heard of Story Stones? They’ve been popping up in my Pinterest for a while now. I love that it promotes imaginative play and early literacy! So, during our quick trip to visit family, I insisted we make a stop at a river. Roo …