Sharpie Mugs and Glasses DIY Customizable Gifts

I love making Sharpie Mugs! They’re simple, oh so cute, and completely customizable. Handlettering isn’t a skill everyone has or enjoys, but I love it. I find new fonts to try and add to a new painting or a Sharpie mug when I’m bored. Usually, I avoid drawing on mugs. Mistakes are much easier to hide on letters, in my opinion. But, occasionally, I will make a simple outline.

Even if you have very little talent for hand-lettering or drawing, Sharpie Mugs can be done! Write with simple clean handwriting and add simple polka dots. Or use letter stickers and polka dot or even scribble around the stickers before peeling them away!

It’s so simple, even toddlers could do it. With stencils or homemade stamps, anything is possible. But I’m categorizing this post under adult projects because I love making them myself so much!

DIY Sharpie Mugs Make Great Gifts!

sharpie glass mug

For Christmas last year, I made one for each of my family members with Christmas song lyrics on them. This year I made two more, this time I used glasses. When I asked Roo what she wanted to get her babysitter for Christmas, she suggested a teacup with her name on it. My babysitter loves all things Disney, so I wrote it with Disney-esque font and added some mouse ears!

My husband is a big coffee drinker, and I get him a new mug every year. This year I got him a glass one and added his name to it. It’s simple, but he’s a simple guy!

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*Disclaimer: I do not own the Disney font or mouse ear design and did not sell the mug it is depicted on*

Supplies for Sharpie Mugs

I’ve found that oil-based Sharpie paint pens work best. The paint is thicker and brighter than ink, although it does show shakey lines more, and mistakes have to be rubbed off with rubbing alcohol. The oil-based paint also holds up better to the test of time, especially if you stick to hand-washing it.

These from Amazon are the same ones I use. Tip size depends on the project. I like medium to thick for polka dots and fine for lettering.

Of course, you’ll also need a mug or teacup. Make sure it is either porcelain or thick oven-safe glass, no plastic or China! The way we set the paint is by putting them in a cold oven brought slowly up to 350. And wash and dry it thoroughly before drawing on it.

How I did my designs

Practice design and fonts on paper.

sharpie handlettering practice

What I liked most about using glass instead of porcelain is that I could trace over my paper design instead of freehanding it again on a curved surface!

sharpie glass DIY(1)

Write a message, name, lyric, or draw pictures, let dry.

Fill in with even gentle strokes.

sharpie glass mug filling in

Let mistakes dry then either go back over it to adjust the funny line or wipe it clean with rubbing alcohol. If you go over it with the pen while it’s still wet, it will start o scrape off the existing lines.

Add dots, hearts, or other decorative flares.

disney sharpie glass mug

Take Instagram pictures, haha.

Let dry for 20 minutes.

Place in a cold oven and set it to heat to 350, leave for 20 minutes.

Allow at least a day for the cup to cool and paint to set before using or washing.

Still intimidated? Or just want something a little more kid friendly? Check out my post on Kid-made personalized gifts!

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