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Must Have Arts and Craft Supplies for Kids

Are you setting up your arts and craft supplies for your kids for the first time? Planning to homeschool this year? Or maybe your just want to make sure you have everything you need when your kids decide to get creative. Having essential arts and …

Halloween Activities To Do At Home With Kids

This year Halloween activities might look at little different… 2020 has been the year of doing things differently and Halloween is no exception. Halloween is my favorite holiday. Hands down. No competition with Christmas. I love dressing up, carving pumpkins, and all the spooky decorations. …

Mud Kitchen Must Haves

Mud kitchens are fast becoming a childhood staple. Really all you need is a patch of dirt, and some tools to provide your child with a fun play area. There are many benefits in playing in the mud, but I want to tell you about …

Invitation to Create: Open Ended Art for Kids

Too often we adults are so focused on the end result of a craft and getting to that “Pinterest-worthy” picture at the end, we forget to encourage independence, individuality, and creativity. Open ended art is just that. Letting kids explore creative tools and mediums with no end result in mind.

Legend of Zelda Themed Birthday Party Ideas

This year’s party was actually one big game. I borrowed some ideas from several of the Legend of Zelda games and created a scavenger hunt type adventure game for my husband to follow. It made him smile so I’m sure it will impress and excite kids of all ages

daily routine clock

DIY Routine Clock for Kids | Creative Parenting Solutions

Since I schedule our routine in blocks, and also Roo can’t tell time yet, I searched for a way to SHOW her what it was time to do and for her to SEE what was coming next.

A trip to IKEA was where inspiration hit.

I found this plain white clock and immediately brought it home and broke it!

No seriously. Here’s your tutorial for a DIY routine clock for kids.

pipecleaner flowers cover

5 Pipecleaner Flowers for Kids

Pipecleaner flowers are a fantastic way to welcome the warmer weather into your house. Or, maybe these bright cheery flowers will help you think of warm spring days while you wait for the real flowers to bloom. Either way, this is the perfect Spring craft for kids.