Looking for a fun online experience to supplement homeschooling or online school? Are you struggling to find safe activities for your kids to do? Do you wish your kids were more independent? Creative? Better problem solvers?

Sign up for Independent Creators: Video Art Courses!

Children who are involved in arts and crafts programs are more likely to be better problem solvers, feel more confident in making decisions, and have out-of-the-box thinking skills.

Parents who sign their kids up for video art courses are more likely to have an hour of free time, an hour without hearing “I’m bored”, and spend less time overall entertaining their kids.

Video Art Courses make the perfect supplement to homeschooling or online school. They also make time off from school a lot more fun!


What is Independent Creators: Video Art Courses?

In a WhimsyRoo Video Art Course, I will personally guide your child through arts and crafts projects and lessons. They will become familiar with several mediums of art, work on fine-motor skills, and have a lot of fun doing it all by themselves! In addition to art, kids who participate in WhimsyRoo Video Art Courses will learn independence, creative thinking, and gain confidence in making decisions.

There are two options with the WhimsyRoo Independent Creators: Video Art Courses:

Single Project Course

Perfect for a week off from school, a single project video art course will be 7 pre-recorded videos for your child to follow along with. These videos will continuously work on a single art project and are intended to last one week. Each video will be approximately 30 minutes long and will include:


Art tutorial

Real Life Applications

“Brain Breaks” like dance parties, story time, and movement based fun


By the end of the 7 videos, your child will feel proud having finished a project worthy of displaying proudly in your home and you will have a child with a better understanding of creativity, independence, and art forms.

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Live Video Creativity Class

Looking for a way for your homeschooler to make friends and learn a new craft? A Live Video Creativity Class is a monthly subscription to weekly creativity classes held online via Zoom. These classes are on-going and will feature a different art style, medium, or project each week.

Each 40 minute class will include:

Free-style with the medium of the week

Teacher led Project

LIVE Feedback from the teacher and other students during class

Movement based activity

A related story or poem

Subscriptions are renewed at the end of each month and will be capped at 5 students per class to ensure one-on-one time with the teacher.

LIVE Video Creativity Classes are not open yet! To be put on the waitlist click here.

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