32 crafter gifts

32 Crafter Gifts!

Do you have a special crafter in your life? Or maybe you need ideas for your kids to encourage more creative activities and learning in the new year. Or maybe you need ideas to add to YOUR wish list? Either way, here are some items to add to your shopping list for crafter gifts. I’ve divided the crafter gifts up by age groups so you can scroll straight down to the age you’re searching for.

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Creative Play Gifts for Ages 0-3

Crayons built for baby hands and taste safe! Perfect for developing the mind of a new artist.

This rainbow stacker will help to build interest in colors and shapes.

Let your littles scribble and doodle without the mess. This Color Magic Board would be great for road trips!

Not only are stickers tons of fun, but they help develop fine motor skills too! These from Melissa and Doug will teach your young crafter about farm animals.

Magformers are fantastic tools for teaching shapes, colors, and spatial awareness. All important skills for future crafters! Roo loves her set.

Beginner Craft Gifts for Ages 3-5

Kits that include all the supplies needed for a certain project are perfect crafter gifts. These will engage anyone between 3 and 5 years old, maybe even older!

Roo would love this dinosaur themed craft kit. With over 100 pieces, this kit will provide dozens of projects!

Melissa and Doug is one of my favorite brands of children’s toys and activities! This kit has everything you’ll need to design adorable bracelets.

Melissa and Doug again with this wooden magnet kit.

Bookmark Craft Kit

This project was featured in an earlier post and is sold as a kit in my etsy shop!

kid's necklace craft kit

Another craft kit sold in my etsy shop, this necklace kit will come with a special pendant, beads,string, and metal lobster claw clasps. Roo loved putting hers together and was very proud of it. The perfect crafter gift for anyone over the age of 3!

Independent Craft Projects for Ages 5-8

These kits are more appropriate for older children since they include very small pieces and lots of fine motor control. Always use your best judgment on whether the child you’re buying for is ready! That said, some of these crafter gifts look so fun I might have to try them myself…and I’m MUCH older than 8.

Want to buy your child something that won’t take up space on the shelf? This video is a tutorial for several crafting projects!

Who doesn’t love wind chimes? They make excellent additions to any garden or patio, and it’s even better when it’s kid made!

Roo might be ready for her own sewing kit soon! Don’t forget to check out this post about sewing projects for preschoolers.

kid's dreamcatcher craft kit

This colorful dream catcher craft can be ordered in my etsy shop with customized colors to match your child’s favorites!

Crafting Supplies for Ages 3-12

Here are some supplies that make perfect crafter gifts for kids. Even if they already have some of these things, doubtless they will need more soon! My school room is full of this stuff, and we use it every day.

Pipe cleaners, pompoms, and googly eyes!

A variety of papers, colored craft sticks, buttons, feathers, google eyes, glue stick, and much, much more!

Colorful Feathers

Colored Popscicle sticks

Washable paint

Drawing Paper

Construction Paper

Roll of White Craft Paper

Dream Gifts for Adult Crafters

Adults are crafters too! Here are some adult crafter gifts that are definitely on their wishlist.

These are two different types of Cricut machines. Not only does it include the machine, but all the tools and supplies a beginner might need. Cricuts are used to make vinyl decals for t-shirts, bags, cups, really anything they can dream up! If your crafter has one already, look for vinyl and stencils they don’t have yet.

This embroidery machine comes with 67 different built in stitches, 70 built in designs, and 5 lettering fonts!

Does your crafter make bows or wreaths? The Pro Bow Hand Bow Maker helps to make three different styles of beautiful bows.

If you are searching for a gift for a jewelry maker, they might be in need of a new tool set!

When I asked fellow crafters what was on their dream wishlist this year, most of them said space and organization. Try helping your crafter out with these storage solutions from Amazon.

Looking for something a bit smaller?

Try this scrapbook paper organizer or embellishment organizer!


Finally, I’d like to add that nearly every adult crafter I talked to said what they most wish for is more time to do their crafts. Especially if your budget is small or their space is limited, make them a card or coupon for an hour or maybe even a day of uninterrupted crafting. If they are a mom, this might mean taking this kids for awhile, or maybe taking care of the meal prepping for the day. Another crafter may enjoy company while crafting, so plan a day to get together and craft!

Happy Shopping!

I hope you have found some crafter gift ideas for your shopping list this year.

If not, check out this post “Art Toys For Kids” for more crafty gift ideas! Or this post for toddler specific craft supplies!

If you prefer to make your own gifts here’s a great list of ideas at 15 Homemade Christmas Gifts for Adults

Encouraging the creativity that already exists in our children is one of WhimsyRoo’s missions, as well as making crafting and creativity accessible for Moms and other caregivers. Spread the creativity this season!

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