Paper Daisy Chain Craft | 10 Minute Craft Series

Have you ever made a Daisy Chain? Neither have I. At least not successfully. But how about a Paper Chain? Yep. Super fun and easy right? How about a Paper Daisy Chain? Let’s do it.

Paper Daisy Chain Craft

The Paper Daisy Chain craft is part of a new 10 Minute Craft series I’m doing for the Summer! These posts will be shorter than normal, but will come out twice a week. In it you will find a new craft to do with your kids that takes little to no prep and only requires 10 minutes of the kids’ attention. During the hot Summer days I know kid’s are bouncing off the walls, thirsty for excitement and movement. Getting them to sit still for craft time is difficult. So this 10 minute craft series is perfect for the Summertime or for kids just learning to sit still and create.

This 10 minute craft was also featured in Paper Flower Crafts for Kids. If you want to see more paper flower crafts, check that post out!

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Paper Daisy Chain


6-8inch Strips of paper in various colors (I used green, white, and yellow)

paper circles around 2-4 inches in diameter (yellow or orange is best)

Stapler, glue, or tape


To make the daisy, loop paper strips end to end and attach together paper petals for daisyusing tape, glue, or a stapler. The ends should be matched, not one on top of the other to make a petal shape.

Repeat this 8 times.

Attach petals to 1 circle.

To make the chain, loop paper strips Paper Flower Daisyaround one petal of the daisy and fasten together. I used green and made them petal shaped like leaves. You can choose another color and to attach the ends of the strips one on top of the other to make a circle.

Continue makingĀ  your paper daisy chain by looping the single loops together and adding daisies the same way until the desired length is reached.

This would make a perfect decoration for a classroom, party, or shower!

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