DIY Flower Crown for a Fairy Princess

Flower crowns are a must for any dress up box. Roo’s Fairy Themed Birthday Party wouldn’t have been complete without the fairy costumes, which included DIY flower crowns I made for each of the girls. Here’s a quick and easy tutorial on how I made the flower crown for a fairy princess.

Fairy Party Costumes


Fake flowers of your choice

Metal Hoop

Floral Wire

Floral Tape

DIY Fairy Flower Crown Tutorial

DIY fairy flower crown

Cut the flowers from the stems leaving about an inch to 1.5 inches of stem. You can use wire cutters, or even nail clippers work for thinner stems.

DIY Fairy Crown TutorialWrap the floral wire around the hoop a couple time to get it started. If you are wrapping clockwise, add the flower facing to the right. Reverse this if you prefer to wrap counter clockwise.

Wrap the wire around the stem a few times, spiraling up towards to flower head.

Add another flower (still facing the direction you are wrapping) and keep wrapping.

The closer you can fit the flower heads together the fuller your flower crown will look.

Continue all the way around.

At the end, turn the last flower the opposite direction to close the gap. (skip this step if you plan to only fill the flower crown halfway.)

Wrap the wire tightly and snip.

Now get your tape, and wrap the stems and wire to ensure nothing sharp sticks out or comes loose.

That’s it! Place the fairy flower crown on top of your fairy princess’s head, maybe add a few pins or clips to hold it in place.

DIY Fairy Flower Crown



Bigger flowers mean less flowers needed.

Try using smaller flowers to fill gaps left by bigger stems.

Don’t skip the tape!

This should be used on older fairy princesses, maybe 4 and up. Always supervise!

I used a 10 inch hoop for my DIY flower crown for Roo, an older fairy might need a larger hoop.

If you’re taking this to a photoshoot, bring extra tape to tack back any fallen flowers easily.

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