DIY Fairy Birthday Party Ideas

Roo requested a Fairy Birthday Party for her 4th birthday. She has several cousins who were born the same year (and within a few months) as Roo, so we threw a “cousin party” with a Fairy theme. So here’s some ideas we used to throw Roo and her cousins a DIY Fairy Birthday Party.

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Fairy CostumesFairy Party Costumes

As party favors, the girls received a fairy costume to wear for the party. The fairy birthday party costumes were simple to make. You’ll need a band like this one, and rolls of tulle in whatever color you want. Our Fairies love rainbows!

Cut strips of tulle. Around two yards long for a dress, one yard for tutus. Tie the strip to the band. Continue until the band is full.fairy flower wreaths

At their seats the girls found wings and flower wreaths to wear on their heads. You can get wings at a dollar store or order in bulk here. I made the wreaths, you’ll find the tutorial for those in an upcoming post!

Fairy Party Decorationspaper flower decorations

We kept the decorations very simple. I made several kinds of paper flowers to hang on the walls. Several are from a previous post I did on paper flowers. I also used this tutorial for paper peony flowers  (courtesy of and used bright pink poster board to make the flowers giant sized!

fairy party table decorations


The fairy wreaths and wings served as table decorations until the girls were ready to put them on.fairy party backdrop

At four years old, the girls were excited to pose for pictures in their fairy costumes in front of our fairy party backdrop. This was very simple to make with a few yards of tulle draped on the wall, some butterfly garland like these, and lit with some white Christmas lights.

Fairy Party Cupcakesrainbow swirl cupcakes

The cake we chose for our fairy birthday party was simple rainbow cupcakes. To make these, just make a simple vanilla cake batter. Separate the batter into bowls and add food dye to each. Three or four colors is plenty, but only one color per bowl. Use a spoon to add a little batter from each bowl to each cupcake liner, DO NOT MIX. Bake according to the rest of the recipe.fairy party cupcakes

Roo helped to frost and add sprinkles to the cupcakes once they were cooled!

Each cupcake had a candle since we were celebrating multiple birthdays, but you could use toppers like these instead.

fairy party wand craftsParty Activity

To complete their Fairy Costumes, I set out a Fairy Wand craft for the girls. You’ll need as many sparkley decorations as you can find. I used rhinestone stickers, glitter glue, and markers for the girls to decorate.

The wands were stars cut out of paper and dowel sticks. Cut four small slits in the center to weave the dowel stick through after the girls finished decorating the star. A little glitter glue can b used to secure the star to the end of the dowel.fairy party wand crafts

More Fairy Birthday Party Ideas

These were just a few of the ideas that we found when planning this fairy birthday party. Take a look at my Pinterest board to find even more!


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