5 Reasons Why You Should Learn A New Craft Skill

Over the last few weeks, I have learned a new craft skill. The sense of pride and accomplishment alone is a big enough reason why you should learn a new craft skill! But let me tell you 5 more reasons why you should learn a new craft.


Crocheting has always been a craft skill that alludes me. I mention in a blog post about self-care through crafting, that I could not figure out how crocheting or knitting could be relaxing for me. Well, in a recent social media post I talked about a reason why I wanted to learn to crochet. Once I had that WHY, I reached out to some family and watched a lot of youtube videos and finally, I can say I’ve learned to crochet. And wow! I still have a lot to learn, I only know four stitches so far, but that was enough to make some ear warmer headbands and a scarf. I even made a rose to embellish my headband!

crochet rose on a crochet headband

But enough about me, here’s why YOU could benefit from learning a new craft skill. Whether you are a seasoned crafter that already has mastered at least one skill, or brand new to the crafting world and has only ever done a few finger paints when you were in school…you should be learning a new craft skill.

5 Reasons Why You Should Learn A New Craft Skill

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1. Learning A New Skill Improves Brain Health

Beyond the general benefits of crafting, the benefits of learning a new crafting skill include improving your brain health. When a brain learns a new skill, it develops new pathways for that skill. This then leads to having an easier time learning other skills.

Not to mention active learning and skill building can fight dementia later in life. Seniors especially can benefits from keeping an active mind. But don’t take the word of a crafting blogger, read more from Harvard Health Publishing, and University of Arkansas Research Extension.

2. A New Craft Skill Opens Doors of Opportunity

Whether it is a small shop on Etsy, selling on Facebook Marketplace, or owning a brick and mortar store, many crafters make an income, if not a living, off their craft skills. By learning a new craft skill, you are opening up the scope of products you can offer.

Even if you don’t sell your crafts, you can still use the opportunity that a new craft skill opens to give handmade gifts to others. How much more would a scarf be treasured, knowing the person who gave it to them made it themselves instead of picking it up on Amazon? Or a custom t-shirt you made with your new Cricut? Or a baby blanket you sewed yourself?

3. Learning A New Skill Gives You A Sense of Accomplishment

I know I already mentioned this, but it ties in so well with the idea of handmade gifts, I couldn’t resist. Because while you’re crafting gifts for everyone else, it is important to craft for yourself too. Imagine cuddling up with a quilt, knowing you made it yourself! Or seeing a watercolor painting hung above your mantel and telling visitors, “I made that.”

watercolor painting

Even if your first try at learning a new craft skill didn’t work, you can still feel accomplished in knowing you tried your best. And next time, you’ll be even better. I tried crocheting at least a dozen times before now, and it is only this time that it has stuck. I love watching my progress! In fact, my first crochet piece was just a 10 chain row I kept building on. And instead of ripping out each stitch, I kept going. Each week I would watch as row by row, my stitches were getting cleaner. I loved watching that visible progress and felt so accomplished when the rows were finally neat and recognizable!

learn a new craft skill


4. Crafting Can Help to Build Community

Socializing has become a difficult thing to do in 2020, and many of us are missing that sense of community. But by learning a new skill, you can step into new social circles. Every time I want to learn something new, whether that is a new craft skill, gardening, backpacking, or just keeping my house tidy, I search Facebook Groups. You can learn so much from these other people that are learning and expanding on the skill you want to learn.

You can also search locally to see if there are classes or meet up groups for the skill you are learning. Many have switched to Zoom or other virtual meeting places.

Not only will you learn with and from these other people, but you can form new bonds and friendships too.

5. Learn A New Craft Skill to Cure Your Boredom

This might seem obvious, but it is worth saying. How many of us have been stuck at home this year? Whether it was due to government lock-downs, school quarantines, or choosing to keep ourselves or elderly family members safe, we have had to stay inside. Instead of wasting another day scrolling social media, look up some videos on how to learn a new craft. Or better yet, join Skillshare!

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Skillshare is a learning platform that hosts classes on practically any creative skill you can imagine. Think Netflix for Crafts. Simply scroll through the featured videos, or search for a skill you’re interested in.

Roo and I took a short watercolor class together that lead us through a painting of a galaxy. There are longer classes that teach skills and provide homework and tests to improve your learning experience. Remember how I mentioned that community building is a benefit of learning a new craft skill? On Skillshare, you can learn alongside others just like you and review each others work!

Use my link for a free trial of Skillshare and then tag me on social media to let me know what class you took! (That last part is just because I’m nosey)

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