Collaborative Art Projects for Families

Collaborative art projects are commonly used in schools and art programs to teach children how to work together. It lets them practice communication, patience, and empathy.

But have you considered working on a collaborative art project as a family?

As I write this, a pandemic has most of American on stay at home orders. Although my family has been at home together for several weeks, there have been times when I start to miss them.

Yes. I miss my family that is sitting on the couch next to me as I type.

Back when life was normal, my husband worked 10-12 hours a day. I worked every evening Monday-Thursday. My daughter was in preschool Monday Wednesday and Friday for the morning. So the days we were all together were precious. I spent Friday afternoons playing with Roo and catching up on Mommy and Roo time. Saturdays we usually went on some family outing. Sundays were reserved for family time, complete with a big Sunday Dinner my husband made.


Now we are sitting on the couch together but on separate electronic devices doing our own thing. Roo and I go outside together, but I work in my garden and she jumps on her trampoline. Spending time TOGETHER isn’t on our agenda because it isn’t as rare as it once was. But I miss the quality time.

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Collaborative Family Projects

Collaborative art projects might be the perfect way to bring the family together.

In my last post, I talked about the importance of giving kids space to create art without direction with open ended crafts. While open ended art is important for kids to find their own sense of art and independence, I also believe in creating WITH your kids.

Working with your kids to create something strengthens bonds and encourages communication. Here are some ideas and inspiration for things you can create alongside your kids.

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Painting with your kids (Paint and Sip style)Painting Family Art Project

You can find several How To Paint (whatever) tutorial style videos everywhere on the internet. But some of my favorite are on Skillshare. Roo and I recently painted along with this video to create a galaxy scene. Even thought she’s only 4 Roo did a fantastic job following the directions and creating her own “Fairy Galaxy” and I enjoyed putting the final touches on mine after Roo lost interest.

Skillshare has so many creative tutorial videos you can follow along with your family or alone to learn something new. I’ve tried to make learning a part of my week, and Skillshare is my favorite place to find new creative skills and inspiration.

Rock Decorating

Rock Painting Collaborative Art

All you need is a bag of river rocks and some paint markers to make some super cute creations. Once you’re done there are a few different things you can do with your rocks.

Use them as Story Stones and let your toddlers and preschoolers experiment with story telling.

Decorate a garden with them. I like to use them as markers to remind me what I planted where.

Create a mural.


You can create a collaborative mural with almost anything. The painted rocks from the collaborative art project above could be glued in place to make a mosaic patterned mural.

Or what about painting and decorating popscicle sticks to put in a mural?

A good old fashioned picture mural that stretches across an entire wall or fence is something that the whole family can work on for days!

Sidewalk Chalk

Live in a suburban area with a sidewalk in front? Grab some sidewalk chalk and work with your family to create some art on the sidewalk.

Playing with Chalk

During this pandemic, I see people of all ages and fitness levels passing by our house to get some fresh air and exercise. Include messages to those passerbys like words of encouragement, reminders to smile, or other kind words.

Pass the Picture

To do this pass the picture collaborative art project, you can try a couple different ways. Either start with a picture to color, or use a blank paper to doodle on.

For one picture, leave it in a spot where each family member can come a doodle or color and add a piece of themselves to it over time.

Or have enough pictures for each family member, allow a certain amount of time to work on their picture before passing it to the right. Continue until you get your own picture back!

Feet Painting Dance PartyCollaborative art projects for famlies

You’ll need a large canvas for this collaborative art project for your family. Butcher paper, a white shower curtain, fabric, cardboard, or an actual canvas are all options.

Pour washable paint on plates, one color for each family member. I like to use colors that can be mixed without turning muddy brown.

Turn on some tunes and dance together on your canvas! Have a hose or water bucket near by for washing off that paint.

Have Fun Spending Time with Your Family!

I hope this has given you inspiration to spend some quality, meaningful time with your family. Remember to slow down and give each other the chance to have fun and get creative with some collaborative art projects.

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