DIY Christmas pompom garland

DIY Christmas Pompom Garland | Christmas Craft for Kids

Want a DIY Christmas Decor project that is so easy, a kid could do it? This DIY Christmas Pompom Garland actually WAS made by my kindergartner and she did an awesome job!

Is it the exact color and size pattern I would have chosen? Nope.

But she loves passing under the archway knowing that Christmas decoration was handmade by her. And so do I!

Unlike paper plate wreaths, toilet paper roll Santas, or another handprint painting, this is a decoration that you will feel good about hanging in your home year after year. (Not saying those crafts aren’t adorable, because they totally are!)

Whether you are looking for a super easy Christmas Decor project for yourself, or a fun Christmas Craft for kids, this DIY Christmas Pompom Garland is for you. Here’s how we did it.

DIY Christmas Pompom Garland

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DIY Christmas Pompom Garland

Scroll down for written instructions, but the video is a great visual guide.


Embroidery Needle

Embroidery Thread (Check out this Christmas Colored thread we found!)

Pompoms in Christmas colors and various sizes


How to make your Christmas Pompom Garland

Measure the space you wish to hang your garland and cut your thread to double that length. For kids I suggest keeping it a smaller length; under 3 ft.

Thread your needle and tie a slip knot at the end.

(In the video I only tied a single strand of thread but Roo kept pulling the thread out of the needle and it was frustrating for us both. Instead, I suggest you double the thread to keep the needle from falling off)


Choose your first pompom and push the needle through the center of the pompom. Pull needle through and thread pompom to the end.

Continue until the thread is a little more than halfway full of pompoms.

Remove needle and tie another knot.

Spread pompoms out evenly.


DIY Christmas pompom garland

This was such fun and Roo could do it almost independently. You could do other color combinations for other holidays! Orange and black for Halloween? Orange, white, and teal for Fall? Pastels for Easter?!

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