Legend of Zelda Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Legend of Zelda Party

Legend of Zelda Themed Birthday Party

Keep in mind my husband is a full grown adult, and these “parties” are just for the three of us. Mostly because Roo insists everyone’s birthday needs to include balloons, cake, and games. Last year for my husband’s birthday, we threw him a small Pokemon themed party. This year we decided on a Legend of Zelda themed birthday party.

The Legend of Zelda has been one of my husband’s favorite video game franchises since he was little. Now he’s been sharing the game with Roo. She loves to watch him play on his handheld device before going to bed and has become quite the little puzzle solver!

This year’s Legend of Zelda themed party party was actually one big game. I borrowed some ideas from several of the Legend of Zelda games and created a scavenger hunt type adventure game for my husband to follow. It made him smile so I’m sure it will impress and excite kids of all ages!


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Legend of Zelda Theme Scavenger Hunt Game

Roo dressed up as Navi, a “helpful” navigational character from The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Navi Costume

She memorized Navi’s phrases from the game and used them appropriately, leading “Link” to the first dungeon. The Skulltula cave.


Skulltulas are a kind of spider type enemy from several of the games. I wound black yarn around the hall way to create a spider-web maze. (Very similar to this laser game Roo and I did!) Link had to crawl through the webs to find two doors.

One was “locked” and needed a key to open. The other door opened to a “Cave” full of Skulltulas!

legend of zelda themed skulltula cave

I made these Skulltula balloons in a similar way to the Pokemon balloons using my Oil-Paint Sharpies to draw on the blown up balloon.

Golden Skulltula Balloon

Some of the balloons had treats inside, one had a clue to the next part of the hunt, and another had a “key” to the “locked room. Our hero used the sword to cut down the spider and pop the balloons, then they would “drop” their items.

With the key, our hero could now enter the previously locked room and find a chest. *cue chest opening music*

You got the Slingshot!

I happened to have a real slingshot to use as one of The Legend of Zelda’s iconic weapons. You could make one out of Popsicle sticks and rubber bands! “Link” would use this in the next part of the quest.

The clue lead him outside to the “Cave of the Forgotten” AKA my storage shed. As “Link” opened the door “Navi” cried out “Watch out!”

Maldorm was on the other side!

Moldorm target

To make this target from A Link To The Past:

I used a cardboard crate and cut holes in it.

Roo was happy to help paint it. She suggested black to make it scarier!

I glued two of the circles I cut out to one end for eyes.

Making the target

When it was dry I glued yellow tissue paper to the back, but not before slipping in the boss key!

Legend of Zelda Boss Key

Our hero used the slingshot to hit the tissue circles.

This was harder than it looked! We all had to try, and in the end only our hero was able to hit the target enough times to drop the boss key. For adults this was fun, but for young kids, I would definitely make the targets MUCH bigger.

The boss key lead to the boss room where none other than GANDOR was waiting.

Roo and I made a pinata and I sketched out a Gandor to paste on to it.

(I included a picture of Gandor and the pinata, but not the finished product. We dealt with several rainy days in a row and although it typically takes only 24 hours for a flour and water pinata to dry, this one needed more time than we had. So the pinata did it’s job, but was NOT pinterest worthy!)Gandor Sketch


To make a DIY pinata:

Blow up a balloon to the size and shape you desire

Cut newspaper into strip

Fill a bowl with one part flour and one part water and mix well

Dip the strips in the mix and place on the balloon

Repeat until the balloon is covered entirely except for the very top, two layers is preferable

Let dry 24 hours (or longer on damp days)

Pop the balloon and remove

Cover the balloon in tissue paper. Small balls makes a nice furry effect, or you can glue down strips for a smooth pinata.

Don’t forget to cover the hole after you fill the pinata with candy and treats.

Our hero tried the sling shot, but in the end Gandor was defeated by the sword! Treats came tumbling out of the DIY pinata then “Link” was rewarded with a Heart Container cake.

Legend of Zelda themed Party Heart Container Cake

Did you know how easy it is to make a heart shaped cake?

Just make one square cake and one circle cake. When they’re cool, cut the circle in half and move each side to one corner of the square. Ice it and one whole piece!

I created the heart and cracks using food dye, a toothpick, and icing spreaders. I dropped a little food dye then used the tools to paint on the shapes I wanted. It was very easy and didn’t take a bunch of extra frosting.

This Legend of Zelda themed birthday party was so much fun to put together, especially coming up with the scavenger hunt to incorporate all the decorations, cake, and games into one!

I hope your kids enjoy it as much as my little and my husband did.

The Legend of Zelda Birthday Party Ideas


  1. I love it. How did you slip in/attach the boss key to the Moldorm punch hole challenge so that it would drop when enough targets were hit? I’m struggling to visualize it but it sounds so awesome and I’d love to recreate this!

    1. Sorry for the late reply, Whitney. So the hole punch was a half crate and I slipped the key behind it before hanging it on the wall. But honestly, if I were to do it again I would attach solo cups to the back of the holes. The key could be retrieved from the cup when the correct one was hit.

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