Curing Boredom With Creativity Plus–A Butterfly Lifecycle Craft


Curing Boredom This Summer

To cure the boredom that inevitably comes with summer, I have a game plan! Each day, we will strive to do everything on this list.


A playlist is loaded with our favorite songs to sing. Dancing is likely to occur as well.

Writepre-writing practice

Roo is not writing yet, but I have begun journaling. I bought her a small notebook she can doodle in while I journal.


It goes without saying that you should be reading to your child every day. A story is part of our bedtime routine, but I plan to include reading to our summer “curing boredom” routine. Need some ideas for new books. Here is my list of books that encourage creativity in kids!

Letters and Numbers

We will continue reviewing our letters and numbers through the summer. The book we made last year will be a fun way to review the alphabet!


Playing seems like a no-brainer for curing boredom this summer. But I needed a reminder to set aside time to play one on one with Roo. Too often I’m trying to escape our playtime because chores and other responsibilities seem so much more important. (And more interesting, if I’m being honest.) Find out how I found a way to play alongside R here!


Roo and I have scrolled through Pinterest regularly pinning crafts and activities that are appropriate for her age (2.5 nearly 3!) and looked interesting to her. My goal is to do a craft with her and set her up with an independent activity while I craft or work on one of my projects every day.
Today was the first of the daily crafts. I combined these coffee filter butterflies with these beaded caterpillars and made these!

Butterfly Life-cycle Craft

pipe cleaner caterpillars

coffee filter butterfly wingsIt was simple but totally engaged R and I had fun with the patterns and colors too. She worked on fine motor skills threading the pipe cleaner through the beads to create the caterpillar.

What preschooler doesn’t like to color and scribble with markers? She colored away on some coffee filters with washable markers. Then we sprayed them with water to make the colors run.

pipe-cleaner and coffee filterbutterflies

We discussed caterpillars and she asked if we would be making them some cocoons too. So the coffee filters we colored got wrapped around the caterpillars. While R was napping, I spread the filters out flat so they would dry faster, then fastened them to the caterpillars using another pipe cleaner. Now R is happily playing, which means Mommy can get some writing done!



Want even more creative play and boredom buster ideas? Check out Sanya’s post from Raising Independent Kids.

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