Pipe Cleaner Butterfly Craft | 10 Minute Craft Series

Butterfly crafts are so much fun for kids and give adults a good opportunity to discuss the life cycle and the role butterflies play in our ecosystem. This butterfly craft can double as a fun toy after it’s finished!

I love using pipe cleaners for fine motor threading practice because of how the pipe cleaner will hold still without flopping around and making preschoolers frustrated.

The Pipe Cleaner Butterfly Craft is part of a new 10 Minute Craft series I’m doing for the Summer! These posts will be shorter than normal, but will come out twice a week. In it you will find a new craft to do with your kids that takes little to no prep and only requires 10 minutes of the kids’ attention. During the hot Summer days I know kid’s are bouncing off the walls, thirsty for excitement and movement. Getting them to sit still for craft time is difficult. So this 10 minute craft series is perfect for the Summertime or for kids just learning to sit still and create.

This 10 minute craft was also featured in 5 Butterfly Activities for Preschoolers . If you want to see more butterfly crafts, check that post out!

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Pipe Cleaner Butterfly Craft

Pipecleaner Butterfly Craft


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3 Pipe cleaners



Make a loop at one end of the pipe cleaner to keep the beads from slipping off. Let the preschooler thread beads on each of the pipe cleaners. (Not too full to allow the pipe cleaner to be shaped.)

Pipecleaner Butterfly Craft

Once all three are beaded it’s time to shape your butterfly craft. I did it for Roo, but older kids might want to do it themselves.

Pick one pipe cleaner to be the body, one for the forewings, and one for the hind wings. Shape the wings into a w shape and attach to the body by twisting the center of the wings around the body.


Butterflies in Education

I created an entire unit for Roo last year dedicated to butterflies. If you are a teacher, or a homeschool mom, or just trying to find some educational fun for the kids this summer, check out my Preschool Butterfly Pack. It is a download with a craft list, templates, a counting exercise, and a letter matching exercise all centered around butterflies and caterpillars. And it’s only $5!

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