The Journey Begins

If you are reading this, chances are you follow me on Facebook and/or Instagram. Which means you have probably seen me try several different creative projects. Homeschooling blogs, Etsy shops, custom costumes, baby mobiles, cupcakes… the list goes on. But none of them stick long. I’ve been trying for several years to carve a niche for myself to grow my brand and monetize my creativity. It wasn’t until recently I realized THAT was my problem. I couldn’t stay commited to one niche. I don’t have just ONE passion. Well, I do…But that passion is so broad. There’s no way I can create a business from just “Being creative” right?
I paint, I sketch, I craft, I DIY, I party plan, I sew, I choreograph, I dance, I sing, and I’m not REALLY GOOD at any of it. I’m decent. But mostly I ENJOY it. Working on a creative project is my ME TIME and declutters my brain. And I know so many others that also enjoy some kind of creative project, or five. And I know SO many more than think they just “Aren’t that crafty” and never even attempt to find a creative outlet. But EVERYONE could benefit from a creative project. Even if it’s just coloring for 15 minutes!
So here I am, blogging again. Building my WhimsyRoo brand. But this time, I’m leaning into the Whimsy part of the name. I’m allowing myself the freedom to go wherever my Whimsy takes me. And I’m inviting you all along for my journey! And encouraging you to start your own. Sign up for Email updates, follow me on social media, if you don’t already. I’ll have regular inspirations for you to try. Or drop me an e-mail and fill me in on your journey, I’d love to help or just listen!
Follow your Whimsy and get Creative.

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