Apple Pie Sensory Bin

Apple Themed Activities for Preschoolers-plus one for you!

It’s apple season! And what a better time to do some apple themed activities with your preschooler. (I say preschooler, most of these activities are suited for kids anywhere between 2 and 6)

Roo and I began homeschooling last year when she was two. Each week we would learn a new letter and do projects themed around that letter. This year, I thought I would try choosing a general theme and developing the curriculum around that. This month was Apples! I try to have an activity for each subject.

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Language and Letters

picking paper apples with letters

I adapted this idea from Preschool POWOL Packets

This apple themed letter matching was so fun. Roo would “pick” paper apples with an uppercase letter written on them. Then she would have to match it with the lowercase. We also used this to spell out her name.Apple Picking preschool activity

Numbers and Counting

Apple tree countingClothespins are such an easy but effective preschool tool! I found this apple themed counting tool at Fun Learning For Kids. I wrote numbers 1-5 on the bottom of the clothespin. Then I cut “trees” from green foam and stuck 1-5 red stickers to it.  After counting the apples, Roo would match the clothes pin number and create a tree.

Arts and Crafts

These apple themed crafts were simple, but so much fun. Arts and crafts are important for preschoolers especially because it gives them a chance to practice those fine motor skills.

Of course we had to do the traditional Apple Stamping.Apple Stamping

Then we painted a paper plate red. Mommy glued it together and punched holes around the sides. Roo used it for lacing practice for the rest of the month. Apple Lacing Craft.Apple Lacing Craft


My favorite was this “stained glass” apple I adapted from Kinder Craze.Stain Glass Apple

Scienceapple toothpick tower

When we did the apple stamping, we used one half for stamping, the other half we dissected. We discussed the parts of an apple and counted the seed chambers and briefly went over the life cycle. The pieces we cut off were eaten used for building a toothpick tower. Roo was still a little young for this, but she enjoyed watching mommy build! (And snacking)

Apple Pie BakingThe most delicious apple activity was baking an apple pie! The recipe we used was super simple. Just like I suggest in my Baking with Kids post, I had everything pre-measured in little bowls like a cooking show and allowed Roo to do as much as she was comfortable with. We even did a video!


I like to have a sensory bin or project that fits each theme. This apple pie themed bin has an oatmeal filler with some apple pie spice thrown in. I found plastic apples and some mini pie tins for props. The tools I provided were simple measuring spoons and cups. Roo likes to wind down after school activities with the bin, or sometimes we need a break in between subjects. Apple Pie Sensory Bin


One for you!

I promised an adult craft just for you too. Once your kid is done with their sensory bin, take out the plastic apples before throwing everything else away.

Apple Themed Wreath Craft

You’ll also need:

small foam wreath

fall colored leaves

hot glue gun

Then literally just stick the leaf stems into the Styrofoam wreath and hot glue the apples around it. Roo and I made a similar fall wreath here but the addition of apples would make this a sweet teacher gift or just a seasonal wreath for yourself!

Love These Apple Themed Ideas?

But feeling a little overwhelmed?

Check out WhimsyRoo store here and find templates for each of these Apple Themed crafts and activity plus a few more plus instructions and supply lists. There are more themed activity packs available now for only $5!

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    1. Thanks! It really was. Have fun with your activities!

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