Invitation to Create: Open Ended Art for Kids

When was the last time you invited your kids to create? I don’t mean setting out supplies and coaching them through a craft with a end in mind. Invitation to create means giving your child supplies and seeing what they come up with without adult guidance.

Too often we adults are so focused on the end result of a craft and getting to that “Pinterest-worthy” picture at the end, we forget to encourage independence, individuality, and creativity. Open ended art is just that. Letting kids explore creative tools and mediums with no end result in mind.

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You’d be surprised what kids can come up with if there is no theme, idea, or suggestion for them to use except their imagination and the tools in front of them. Here are some invitation to create kit “Must-haves” that you can use in your kits. You don’t have to include all of these, but you might want to keep most of these on hand for future kits.

Invitation to Create Kit Must-Haves

Pipecleaners, Googly eyes, Glitter, Sequins, Stickers, Cardstock Paper, Styrofoam Cups, Scissors (age appropriate), Construction Paper, Glue, Playdough, Straws, Tissue Paper Squares, Blank Book, Markers, Feathers, Yarn, and Cardboard shapes and tubes.

But sometimes its easier for us as adults to follow a certain theme. I use a party tray I found at Dollar Tree to separate the supplies. I love using it for invitation to create projects, like this Garden Themed Playdough Station.

bird themed open ended craft

Here’s some theme ideas to guide your next invitation to create.







Invitation to create trayInvitation to Create Alien


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