How to Make Time for Crafting with Your Kids

I’m going to be honest. Making time for crafting with my kid is not always easy.

We are in a very busy season of life right now with Roo starting school, my dance teaching schedule, the multitude of problems with our pets, and the list goes on. I stopped one day and felt like a big fat hypocrite because here I am blogging about the benefits of crafting with your kids, and I haven’t stopped to even paint a simple picture with Roo in weeks.

“How can I make time to craft?”

First I felt the wave of overwhelm wash over me like an ocean riptide threatening to take me under. There’s no possible way!

Then I took a breath and reminded myself that spending quality time with my daughter shouldn’t be another thing on my to-do list. It should be something I want to do.

5 Ways to Make Time to Craft with Your Kids
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Here’s some things I’ve been doing to make time for crafting with my kid.

1. Build the Habit

Crafting with your kids shouldn’t be an item on a checklist, or an annoyance. It should be a habit. So first you need to build the habit.

One of the best tricks I’ve learn from various experts on the subject is habit stacking.One of my favorite bloggers has done a podcast episode on the subject and introduces her method of habit stacking and I love it! Check it out here if you want. Basically you find something in your routine you already do everyday and link your new habit to that.

Roo and I typically eat a simple lunch at home everyday. Breakfast we are in a hurry to get out the door and we’re both a little grumpy. When we have dinner together, it is usually family time so we either sit at the table and talk or watch a show as a family. But I’m usually at work during her dinner time. But lunch we have together and at home nearly everyday.

So I linked crafting with this habit of coming home from school or other activities and having lunch. I set out a craft on the table for her to start while I’m preparing lunch and we finish it together. Nap/quiet time is right after lunch so this is a great way to wind down.

What habit or routine do you do most days with your kids that you could stack crafting with?


2. Be honest about your time

It’s easy to browse Pinterest and find so many creative projects you could start. But you’ve got to be honest about the time you have.

Right now, lunch time is around 12:30 and I prefer for Roo to be in her room for nap/quiet time at 1:00. So half an hour is all the time I have to eat lunch AND do our craft.

cardboard tube binoculars

When you are searching for crafts and inspiration, keep your ideal time-frame in mind. Don’t choose a full canvas painting with a huge amount of clean up if you’ve only got 15 minutes to craft. It doesn’t have to be Pinterest-worthy, you just have to show up. These binoculars only took 5-10 minutes, but Roo cherished them for a week afterwards.


3. Organize your craft supplies

I realized I was spending half of my allotted crafting time looking for the supplies we’d need. I’m usually pretty organized but when you’re in a busy season, things tend to not find their way back exactly where they belong.

Take an hour to organize your most used crafting supplies in a way that makes since. I have a 3 drawer plastic tower like this. We keep paper in one, playdough supplies in another, and various crafting parts in the last. The various crafting supplies are SUPPOSED to be in separate plastic bags and containers with lids. Paint, stickers, markers, crayons, and stamps are all in individual buckets like these that can be pulled out when I need them.

4. Set a realistic goal for crafting with your kids

cupcake sensory bin

When I say everyday, what I really mean is that Roo and I craft together 2 or 3 days out of the week. That’s what is realistic for us right now. During a less busy season like Summertime, I might aim for 4-5 days. Other days she fills her creativity cup with imaginative play with her dolls and stuffed animals, or I’ll pull out a sensory bin.

If you make a goal of crafting every single day, you and your kids will get burnt out and it will become another item on your to-do list. Try setting something small first then add another day or two if you want later. If you’re just starting out crafting with your kids regularly, start with just one day a week!

4. Get motivated

Crafting challenges can be a great way to get motivated to craft with your kids. I have a FREE 10 day Challenge here that is an awesome way to get started. You’ll get crafts sent to your inbox complete with supply lists, templates, and instructions. After completing the 10 days in a row, once or twice a week will be a breeze!

10 Day Craft Challenge

5. Get help

If you have unique struggles that the other suggestions have not addressed, you can ask for help. Maybe your kids don’t have a long enough of an attention span for the craft you are providing, maybe you are struggling finding a time in your routine to habit stack, or maybe you have a special needs child. I can help!

Crafting with your kids shouldn’t be hard, frustrating, or boring. I can help you make it easier with my Personal Craft Consultation.

This consultation will provide you with 7 personalized crafts for you and your kids that fit your specific needs!

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