Easy Painted Easter Eggs for Adults (and Kids)

Easy Painted Easter Eggs For Adults (and Kids)

Easy Painted Easter Eggs Tutorials


I’ve always loved decorating eggs for Easter. Even as an adult I look forward to it every year. This year, I bought some wooden eggs like these. *affiliate link* Pinterest is full of elegant painted Easter eggs that look pretty in a bowl or something for an Easter Centerpiece. I wanted that look, but it needed to be something easy I could do in a few spare minutes.

I pulled out my Oil-Paint Sharpies *affiliate link*that I originally bought for my Sharpie Mug project. Here are some of the super easy designs I drew on the wooden eggs.

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Easy Painted Easter Eggs

Tutorial for Cherry Blossom Painted Easter EggEasy Painted Easter Eggs Cherry Blossom

Draw lines with a black or brown Oil-Paint Sharpie. Begin the lines near the bottom and take them diagonally toward the mid center. Don’t make the lines too straight. Add a few branches from the middle of the lines, maybe a couple of branches off of there.

Using a pink or red Oil-Paint Sharpie, make 4-5 dots at the end of each line except the bottom. Use a white Oil-Paint Sharpie to dot the centers of the flowers.

I added gold to my black lines to give them more depth, but that’s up to you.

*make sure the let the paint dry in between layers*

Tutorial for Painted Easter Bunny Egg

Easy Painted Easter Eggs Bunny

With a white Oil-Paint Sharpie, draw an oval and color it in. Draw two circles on either side of the bottom half of the oval and color those in too, those are the cheeks. Draw two long loops at the top of the oval, these are the ears.

Fill the ears with pink centers and outline with silver, white, brown or whatever color you want your bunny.

Fill the face of the bunny with your chosen color, but leave the cheeks white. They may need a second coat.

Dot two blue eyes and a pink nose. Add black whiskers and small black dots in the center of the eyes.

Outline in a darker color if desired.

*make sure the let the paint dry in between layers*

Get Creative

Come up with your own designs. Roo loved the striped and polka dot one I did and it was really simple! My flower doodles are really cute too, and they’re just flowers I would doodle on a scrap of paper while talking on the phone.

Get the Kids involved too

Easy Painted Easter Eggs kids

Buy enough wooden eggs to let your kids scribble on them too. Here are Roo’s creations. She had a lot of fun painting the eggs and more fun playing with them in her little kitchen.

Happy Easter!

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