Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Kids Can Make

There’s nothing better than a Mother’s Day gift your child made, no matter how old they are. Roo is 3 going on 4, but I’ve included a few more handmade gifts for all ages, including littles and older kids.

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6 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Kids Can Make

Each hand-made gift specifies what age is best to do make the Mother’s Day Gift and how much grown-up involvement is required. Find something to make for Mom this mother’s day together!


1. Flower Frame

flower frame mother's day gift

*This Mother’s Day Gift can be made with ages 3 and up with some grown up help*



Fake Flowers

Hot-glue Gun

How to

Pull flowers from their plastic stems.

Remove the glass and cardboard back from the frame.

Have child point or place where they would like each flower to go.

Make a line or dot of hot-glue and help the child place the flower.

Continue until the frame is covered.

Place a sweet photo of the child or child and Mom inside the frame OR have the child draw a picture or write a letter for Mom and display in the frame.

2. Clay Hand-print Coaster

clay handprint coaster

*This Mother’s Day Gift is best done with littles and takes a lot of adult help*


Polymer Clay

Tool for rolling

Tool for Cutting

Mother's Day DIY Gift

How to

Soften and roll out clay to 1/8 inch thickness.

Cut into a shape, I found a rectangle fit my 3 year old’s hand best.

Soften and roll out clay of another color to 1/16 inch thickness.

Have the child place hand on the clay and trace around their hand with a cutting tool. Remove their hand and finish cutting the hand out.

Gently lift the clay hand off the workspace and place on the thicker clay shape.

Press the clay handprint into the clay, then roll it smooth.

Bake the clay at 275 degrees Fahrenheit for about an hour.

Once it cools, you can write the child’s name and the year with oil-paint sharpies.

3. Hand-Painted Tote Bag

Kid Painted tote bag

*This Mother’s Day Gift is suitable for all ages with some grown up help!*


Canvas Tote Bag

Acrylic Paints (use washable for littles)

Black Sharpie

How to

Draw a shape or simple picture on the tote bag with the black sharpie.

Have the child paint it, guide them if necessary.

Let dry, then fill the bag with goodies for Mom!



flower frame mother's day gift

Paint the child’s hands.

Press them on the bag.

Write your message with the sharpie once the hand-prints are dry.

4. Thumbprint Tea Towel

tea towel

*This Mother’s Day Gift is a project for all ages. Littles will need help*


Plain Tea Towel

Fabric Paint

How to

tea towel craft for kids

Keep the tea towel folded to hang.

We used two methods to make the fingerprint flowers:

Method 1:

dip finger in paint then press to the towel

Method 2:

squirt a small dollop of paint where you want the petal and have child press the dollop with fingertip

Both methods worked, it depends on your child’s dexterity.

Make as many flowers as you or the child want using 4-5 fingerprints for each flower.

Use the fabric paint to draw stems and flower centers. Use green paint and have the kids print leaves on the stems.

5. Hand and Foot Print Word Art

Love is Being Called Mom painting*This is another hand-print project that requires a lot of adult help.*

I’ve featured this craft in a few other posts, but I just love it so much!


Love Is… Painting Kit



Acrylic washable paint

*optional* oil-paint sharpies

How to

Let the kid’s help paint the canvas a solid color.

Once it dries, pencil your message, “Love is Being Called Mom.” Pick a color for the hands and feet prints.

Paint the feet and align them with heels together and toes apart to create the V. This is done easiest on the floor with the child sitting with their knees bent to press to the canvas.

Wash and dry feet.

Now paint one hand and press it in place of the “O” in Mom.

Wash and dry hands.

Write the rest of the message with oil-paint Sharpies or you can freehand it with a paint brush.

6. Terracotta Pot WindchimeTerracotta Pot Windchime

*Save this project for older kids. Roo had fun painting the pots and choosing beads, but a grown up will do most of the work.*


1 Small Terracotta Clay Pots

4 Tiny Terracotta Clay Pots

(that’s what we used, but experiment with sizes!)



5 Large Beads

more beads for decoration

How to

terracotta pot painting

Paint each pot.

Thread the twine through the pots’ hole upside down starting with the largest down to the smallest. Thread a large bead in between each one to keep the pot from sliding to the bottom of the twine.

String decorative beads at the top and bottom of the wind chime.

Make a loop for hanging at the top of the twine.


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Happy Mother’s Day

Thank you to all the moms out there for all you do. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, working mom, somewhere in between, you are the center of your children’s world. You are their light, strength, and calm.

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