Paper Crown Craft for Kids |10 Minute Craft Series

Crowns and Tiaras are a must for any dramatic play prop kit. Make a paper crown craft with your kids to play dress up!

Paper Crown Craft For Kids

This Paper Crown Craft is part of a new 10 Minute Craft series I’m doing for the Summer! These posts will be shorter than normal, but will come out twice a week. In it you will find a new craft to do with your kids that takes little to no prep and only requires 10 minutes of the kids’ attention. During the hot Summer days I know kid’s are bouncing off the walls, thirsty for excitement and movement. Getting them to sit still for craft time is difficult. So this 10 minute craft series is perfect for the Summertime or for kids just learning to sit still and create.

Paper Crown Craft For Kids

Paper Crown ActivityCut a pointed crown shape from construction paper. Use the entire length of the paper. We used yellow, but you can let your child choose their favorite color.

Painting a Paper CrownPour 2-3 colors of washable acrylic paint (we like Crayola Washable Paint the best) on a plate for the child to paint their paper crown with.

Craft Supplies

You can also provide sequins, rhinestones, and/or glitter to glue on the crown. But those can get quite messy, so that’s up to you.

Decorating a Paper Crown

While the child is busy with their painting, take another piece of construction paper and cut it into long strips approximately 2 inches wide.

Measure the child’s head to see how many strips you will need to wrap around their head.

Staple that many together.

When their painting is done and dried, staple the strips to the sides of the crown.

Measure their head one last time and place a mark where the strips should meet.

Staple the two strips together then slide on the child’s head.

Now enjoy the paper crown in pretend play for the rest of the day.

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