Puffy Rain Cloud Craft | 10 Minute Craft Series

puffy ain coud craft

This Puffy Rain Cloud Craft is so cute! Construction paper, cotton balls or pom poms, glue, and some crayons are all that’s needed.

The Puffy Rain cloud craft is part of a new 10 Minute Craft series I’m doing for the Summer! These posts will be shorter than normal, but will come out twice a week. In it you will find a new craft to do with your kids that takes little to no prep and only requires 10 minutes of the kids’ attention. During the hot Summer days I know kid’s are bouncing off the walls, thirsty for excitement and movement. Getting them to sit still for craft time is difficult. So this 10 minute craft series is perfect for the Summertime or for kids just learning to sit still and create.

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Puffy Rain Cloud Craft


white cotton balls/ white, blue, purple, grey pom poms

blue construction paper

white, grey, and blue crayons

school glue


Draw out a simple cloud shape at the top of the blue construction paper.

Provide pom poms or cotton balls and a plate with poured school glue for the child.

Invite the child to dip the cotton balls or pom poms lightly in the glue before filling the cloud shape with pom poms or cotton balls.

Once the cloud is full, invite the child to create raindrops with the crayons underneath the cloud.

Let dry then hang to display!


I used this puffy rain cloud craft as a Letter R craft in my Alphabet Crafts for Toddlers and Preschoolers post. Follow the link for more alphabet craft ideas.

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