Pipe Cleaner Christmas Ornaments for Preschoolers

Preschoolers will love making these pipe cleaner Christmas ornaments. And they’re so pretty, parents will love to hang them on their tree!

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I love using Pipe Cleaners for beading fine motor skills. They stay straight and still for tiny hands to navigate the beads. For these Christmas ornament crafts, the kids will fill the pipe cleaners with beads of their choice. Older kids can shape the ornaments alone, but preschoolers will need help.

Pipe Cleaner Christmas Ornaments for Preschoolers

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Christmas Tree Pipe Cleaner Ornament

Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree ornament

You’ll need two green pipe cleaners and some beads for this Christmas tree ornament. I found some star shaped beads that we could put on the top!

Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree

Thread both pipe cleaners (or just one and twist the second to the bottom if your bead isn’t wide enough for both) through the star or other bead that will be the tree topper.

Have the child fill the pipe cleaners with beads about half way.

Bend one pipe cleaner in half and continue to fill with beads. Leave the second pipe cleaner only half way full.

Twist the bottom pipe cleaner to the half filled pipe cleaner to complete the triangle, then cut off the excess.

Use the excess to create the zig-zag on the inside of the tree. You could also use a different color or even sparkly for this instead! Fill the zig-zag as much as you want before wrapping it.

(The zig-zag not only gives some extra room to decorate, but also helps the tree hold it’s shape. Don’t skip this step!)

Tie a ribbon or thread a hook to the top of the tree to hang!


Angel Pipe Cleaner Ornament

Pipe Cleaner Angel ornament

This ornament can be done with any color pipe cleaners, but we think white and sparkly sliver look best! You’ll need a large bead like these wooden ones for the angel’s head.

Pipe Cleaner Angel ornament

Thread beads on the middle third of the white pipe cleaner.

Thread both ends of the pipe cleaner through the large bead and create a loop. Bend this down to be the halo.

Pinch the sides to make a dress.

Now create a loop with the silver pipe cleaner and wrap the center around the angel. Shape these into wings.

Tie ribbon or add a hook to the halo to hang!

Candy Cane Pipe Cleaner Ornament

Pipe Cleaner Candy Cane

These are probably the easiest pipe cleaner ornaments. Take a red or white pipe cleaner and some white, red, and/or clear beads.

Pipe Cleaner Candy Cane

Loop one end of the pipe cleaner to keep the beads from sliding off.

Add the beads. You can use just one color and leave space like we did, or alternate colors with red and white or clear. Clear will add a little extra sparkle with you hang it on a lit Christmas tree.

Create a hooked end and loop it one last time to create your candy cane ornament. Tie with ribbon or a hook and hang on the tree!


Simple Bauble Pipe Cleaner Ornament

Pipe Cleaner Christmas ornament

This last ornament is a simple orb bauble. We did something similar with a heart shape for Valentine’s Day.

Thread beads on two pipe cleaners of any color. Twist the centers together to create an X.

Bring the ends up together and twist to create an orb. You could add multiple Xs for a bigger and fancier bauble!

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  1. So much fun and a perfect add-on to any gift! I have added it to our round-up, 30+ Ultimate DIY Christmas Teacher Gifts. You can view it here if you wish, https://www.diythought.com/30-ultimate-diy-christmas-teacher-gifts/ Thank-you, and have a great Christmas!

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