Fun and Unique Pumpkin Painting Ideas

Fun and Unique Pumpkin Painting Ideas

I love having a porch full of pumpkins for Fall! Not all of my pumpkins are decorated because they are beautiful as is. But I do love decorating pumpkins for Fall. Whether it’s carving it for Halloween or painting the pumpkin in a unique way, my porch is always full of different eye-catching pumpkins. 

When I saw this white pumpkin at the pumpkin patch (Which is totally something you should do this fall with your toddler!) I knew I wanted to try a drip painting technique. It was like a blank canvas just screaming for me to paint that pumpkin.

pin for later!

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What kind of paint to use

Acrylic paint is recommended for pumpkin painting. I opted for the brand in the Amazon link below and used a matte finish. My favorite colors are turquoise, pink, and grey, so I chose those colors to paint my white pumpkin.


Drippy Pumpkin Painting Idea

I made sure I chose a white pumpkin with no stem so I could pour my acrylic paint right on top and let it pool in the center. I started with the grey paint and poured until it began to drip down the ridges of the pumpkin. Then I lightly tipped the pumpkin to one side and the other to make sure I didn’t have a huge puddle of paint in the center. 

Since I wanted the paint colors to stay separate, I let the gray dry. But if you wanted a more swirly paint-pour effect you don’t have to wait. Repeat with your other colors but make sure to tip the pumpkin in opposite directions, otherwise the next color will just completely cover up the first color.

pumpkin painting idea


I really love the way it turned out and it brought the colors I have in my home in with the Fall aesthetic. You could try spooky colors like black, green, and purple, or your favorite fall colors too! Now it did start to peel a little after a few wet days. I think I could have avoided this if I had covered the finished pumpkin painting with modge podge or maybe an epoxy resin. I’ll have to try that next year and let you know! 

Abstract Pumpkin Painting

Roo did her own pumpkin painting too! I used a drink carrier from a fast food order to pour some paint for her. She used a sponge brush like this to paint the little pumpkin. It’s a perfect companion to my drippy pumpkin painting!

Ideas for painting pumpkins

Want even more ways to decorate your pumpkin this year? Here are some really fun and easy pumpkin decorating ideas from other bloggers.

More Fun and Easy Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Here’s another drippy paint pour pumpkin method from The DIY Nuts. I can’t wait to try this one out!


An easy no-carve pumpkin idea from Projects with Kids that is perfect for young children!


I could just eat this Ice-cream Cone Pumpkin up. A sweet treat of a pumpkin from Frugal Coupon Living!


This is a sweet character pumpkin from Pumpkinlicious!


I’m loving this Disney inspired pumpkin painting idea from The Soccer Mom Blog!


Fun Money Mom uses Styrofoam pumpkins for all these creative pumpkin characters, but I think you could adapt it for a real pumpkin too!


Another painted pumpkin that is not the real thing, but could be done on your favorite pumpkin patch pick too!


Atta Girl Says made these super elegant, metallic foil pumpkins that I can’t wait to try. I’m glad this pumpkin decorating idea is done on artificial pumpkins, because I’ll want to use them year after year!


Just look at these elegant Black and Gold painted pumpkins from As for Me and My Homestead.


I know I love my black cat, Yuki. Julie Measures made an easy, no carve pumpkin for her cat!


Another black cat pumpkin, but this one from Crafts by Amanda uses two pumpkins and includes just a little bit of carving.


Not a fan of cats? How about this spider from One Simple Party?


Finally I can use up my fabric scraps on this fabric covered pumpkin decorating idea from DIY Candy!


Another pumpkin decorating idea using Modge Podge comes from ModPodge Rocks Blog and uses maps!


Just Paint It has this decoupaged pumpkin idea using tissue paper or napkins.


Finally, have you heard of the Teal Pumpkin Project? Have fun painting your pumpkin and letting your neighbors know you have treats for littles with food sensitivities and allergies!

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