Creative Bath Time Activities for Kids

Creative Bath Time Activities for Kids: Bath Paint, Bath Crayons, and Bath Playdough Recipes

Do you have trouble getting your toddler into the bath? Sometimes, it’s way more fun to get dirty than to get clean afterward! Creative bath time activities are some of Roo’s favorite things to do and are guaranteed to get her in without a fuss every time. Bath paint, bath crayons, and bath playdough are all super fun. Here are some recipes for you to make them at home for your next bath time!

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Bath Paint Recipe

1. Bath Paint Recipe


1 Tablespoon of warm water

1/3 cup of cornstarch

1/4 cup of liquid soap (we used bubble bath, but shampoo and body wash will work too)

a few drops of food coloring


How to Mix

Add the warm water to the cornstarch and mix until smooth

Next, add the soap

Divide into containers and add food coloring

*Beware* darker colors like blue and purple will probably stain the skin! It fades in a day or less, but this is something to avoid if you have somewhere nice to be after bath time.

*Toddlers* If you have a toddler or baby that likes to taste everything, you can leave out the soap. (We did this on accident the first time and it turned out thick, but fine!) Or just make sure the soap is safe for babies

DIY Bath Tub Paint Bath Activities

How to Play

I used small plastic containers to divide the mixture and make several colors. They have lids to save leftovers but can be thrown out. (I know, I know I’m terrible to the environment. But I already had these on hand for another project.)

Roo was in the bathtub without water at first and alternated between a paint brush and using her fingers. Eventually, she tried her hand at pour art!

Everything rinsed off in the bath easily and Roo had a blast with this bath time activity.

2. Bath Crayons Recipe

diy bath tub Crayons


1 White Bar Soap

1 Tablespoon of Warm Water

Food coloring

Silicone Ice Cube Tray (any shape works but this one was most like a crayon)

Bath Crayons Recipe

How to Mix

Use a grater to shave the bar soap into small pieces

Next, mix in the warm water with your hands

Then divide and add color

Press into the tray and let set overnight

How to Play

Use as crayons on the bathtub walls. If you have grout or other porous surfaces, try to avoid those areas. Our first attempt with this didn’t work so well because I used a bar soap I had on hand that had lots of oils and other things in it so the color didn’t set in very well. Roo mostly liked watching the crayons fall apart in the bath water during this bath time activity. Make sure to use a bar soap with no additives or fragrance, like these. Also, powder food coloring will provide brighter colors than the liquid.

3. Bath Playdough Recipe

bath tub playdough recipe


1/4 cup of Bubble Bath

1/2 cup  of Corn Starch

1 teaspoon of Oil (other recipes say coconut oil, I used vegetable oil, even baby oil would work!)

Food Coloring

playdough for bath time

 How to Mix

Add corn starch to bubble bath one tablespoon at a time until a thick dough forms

Then pour oil on hands and work it into the dough and continue to add corn starch

Finally, add food color and work in with your hands

How to Play

This was probably the most fun bath time activity! The bath playdough handles just like regular playdough and turns extra soft and slimy when introduced to the water. It holds up for most of the bath time but starts to fall apart and can’t be reused, unfortunately. As it breaks down, the bathtub is filled with bubbles and the kids’ hands are nice and clean.DIY Bath Time Playdough

I hope these creative bath activities help make bath time more fun for you and your toddlers and preschoolers. The bath playdough was definitely our favorite activity, with the bath paint and bath crayons in a tie for second! What are some of your favorite bath time activities?

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