Keep Kids Entertained All Summer (Screen-Free)

Keeping the kids entertained all Summer screen-free sounds easier until you’ve run through all your ideas in the first week of summer. Just a few days into my oath of keeping summer boredom free, and I’m running out of steam. Sound familiar? Then I realized: I don’t have to be the one to come up […]

Letter C activities/C is for Control Freak

So this week we began the letter C and I used Pinterestideas plus some of my own for activities this week. We dipped the pompoms in glue before placing them around the C and I added the googly eyes and antenna later. Sensory bin again, filled with Cs and 2s and little plastic Cats. A […]

Sensory play/Roo's first week of Preschool

Roo and I started our first week of (pre) preschool on Tuesday, and it seems to be going well. I started out with the goal of one letter a week, one number every two weeks, and one shape and color every three weeks. This covers a September-April school year and leaves space for holiday themed […]