Story Stones and Rock Painting Tutorial

Have you heard of Story Stones? They’ve been popping up in my Pinterest for a while now. I love that it promotes imaginative play and early literacy! So, during our quick trip to visit family, I insisted we make a stop at a river. Roo and Daddy played in the water, and I collected stones; […]

Calming Activites for Little Hands

It’s hot outside, and Roo has been bouncing off the walls (and couch, and beds…) I’ve been trying to find ways to calm and focus her as well as giving her opportunities to release all that energy. We have playdates, play in her little pool, play at the aquatic park, play in the sprinkler, play […]

Keep Kids Entertained All Summer (Screen-Free)

Keeping the kids entertained all Summer screen-free sounds easier until you’ve run through all your ideas in the first week of summer. Just a few days into my oath of keeping summer boredom free, and I’m running out of steam. Sound familiar? Then I realized: I don’t have to be the one to come up […]

H is for Halloween

It’s here! Almost. Halloween weekend and all its activities has arrived. The actual day looks to be cold and raining… So we’ve been stuffing in as much fun as we can into this cold weekend. We went to a local pumpkin patch. Painted paper plates and turned them into decorations. Tried threading a spiders web. […]

Letter C activities/C is for Control Freak

So this week we began the letter C and I used Pinterestideas plus some of my own for activities this week. We dipped the pompoms in glue before placing them around the C and I added the googly eyes and antenna later. Sensory bin again, filled with Cs and 2s and little plastic Cats. A […]

Sensory play/Roo's first week of Preschool

Roo and I started our first week of (pre) preschool on Tuesday, and it seems to be going well. I started out with the goal of one letter a week, one number every two weeks, and one shape and color every three weeks. This covers a September-April school year and leaves space for holiday themed […]