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5 Pipecleaner Flowers for Kids

Pipecleaner flowers are a fantastic way to welcome the warmer weather into your house. Or, maybe these bright cheery flowers will help you think of warm spring days while you wait for the real flowers to bloom. Either way, this is the perfect Spring craft for kids.

You’ll need pipecleaners in green, red, purple, and any other color you think a flower should be, scissors, and optional beads.

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Here are five different ways to make Pipecleaner Flowers

The Stem

First make a stem. You can use this stem for all the flower types!

pipecleaner stem tutorial

Use one green pipecleaner and bend in half.

Twist the end to create a looped leaf.

Leave it like this for a long stem.

Bend in half again and twist to bring all four pieces together for a shorter, but sturdier stem.

You can make multiple leaves for your stem too!

1. Tulip

pipecleaner TulipThread beads to a red or pink pipecleaner if you want to use them. Threading beads onto pipecleaners is a great way for preschoolers and toddlers to practice some fine motor skills.

Create three triangle points in the center. Now bend the ends to each other and twist to attach them together.

Loop one end of a stem to the part of the flower where the red ends meet.

2. Small four petal flower

pipecleaner flowerChoose one pipecleaner in the color of your choice. Loop one end in a tear drop shape, keep it small!

pipecleaner flowers tutorialCreate a loop of the same size and twist the excess across the middle.

Repeat on the top and bottom.

Bend the excess (there won’t be much) around the green stem.


3. Large Four (or more) Petal Flower

pipecleaner flowerCut two (or more) pipecleaners in half.

Thread beads on to each if desired.

Pipecleaner Flowers tutorialBend into a teardrop shape and twist ends together.

Twist the petal ends to a long green stem, leaving some green on the end.

Loop the green stem around and twist.

Rearrange the petals as needed.

4. Twisty Bud Flower

pipecleaner flower budTwist the ends of a green stem and any color you choose together.

Pipecleaner Flowers bud tutorialStart rolling the pipecleaner in the color you chose from the center out to make a spiral.

One it is rolled all the way up, twist the end to the last spiral to close it.

Gently tug the ends of the spiral apart.

5. Rose Pipecleaner Flower

pipecleaner roseTake three to four red or pink pipecleaners and wrap the end of a green stem around the center.

pipecleaner rose tutorialBegin rolling each end toward the center like the bud flower.

Arrange the petals once they are all rolled.

Playing with Pipecleaner Flowers

Once your flowers are complete, you could make an everlasting bouquet for someone. This could make a perfect Mother’s Day gift, or a Valentine’s Day gift!

Or try using them in a playdough station and create a garden out with playdough soil and pipecleaner flowers!

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