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Walking Rainbow Experiment for Preschoolers


Walking Rainbow Experiments are quickly becoming a popular Preschooler Science project. I love how it teaches not only color science and the mixing of colors, but also introduces concepts like absorption. Walking Rainbows are a great way to start teaching the order of the colors of the rainbow to preschoolers and it’s just fun to watch.

This was the second year Roo and I have done this experiment and I just had to share the results because they are so colorful!

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Supplies for Walking Rainbow

Walking Rainbow Preschooler Experiment

Make a circle with the 6 cups.

Fill every other one about 1/3 to 1/2 full of warm water.

Add a few drops of color. We used regular food dye, but I have heard great things about Liquid Watercolor and can’t wait to try some!

The colors should be red, then yellow, then blue.

Every other cup should be empty!

Fold a paper towel into thirds lengthwise and place one end into the red water and the other into the empty cup next to it. Repeat with all six paper towels and cups.

It’s best to start this project in the morning, then watch the color creep up the paper towel and drip into the empty cup throughout the day, creating the secondary colors of the rainbow.

Keep the Paper Towels!Dried Colored Paper Towels

Spread the paper towels on a cooling rack and let them dry out overnight. Then you can use them in other crafts like sun catchers, greeting cards, and tissue crafts.


Use the Rainbow Colored Water Too!

My favorite way to use dyed water is to fill the cups with rice and let the rice absorb the water overnight. Then spread the rice out on cookie sheets to dry before using the colored rice in sensory bins. (This is one I did using leftover Easter Egg Dye.)

Coloring Rice


Easter Egg Dye Rice 


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