5 Paper Flower Craft Ideas For Kids

Paper flowers are a fun craft to do any time of the year. Spring is an especially colorful time to celebrate the rebirth of the flowers, but seasons like winter deserve a little extra color too! Paper flowers also make fantastic additions to greeting cards, wrapped gifts, invitations, and party decorations. Here are 5 paper flower crafts you can make with your kids to brighten up any day.

coffee filter paper flower craftCoffee Filter Flower


coffee filters


Green Pipecleaner


coffee filter paper flower craft

Have child color at least three coffee filters. Make sure to use Washable markers like these.

Use a spray bottle to mist the colored coffee filters (great exercise for fine motor muscles in the hand!)

Wait for them to dry before the next step.

Next, poke the green pipe cleaner through the center of the coffee filters and make a small loop to hold it in place. You can make another big loop below it for a leaf. Let your kid crumple the coffee filters upwards. That’s it!

coffee filter paper flower craft

Tissue Paper Flowertissue paper flower craft


Tissue paper squares (approximately 4-6″)

Green Pipe cleaner

tissue paper flower craft


This one is even easier than the coffee filter one. Just let the child poke the pipe cleaner through the center of the tissue paper squares. Three or four works, more for a fuller flower. Then loop the ends just like for the coffee filter flower!

Paper Loop Flower PicturePaper Loop Daisy


Colored paper cut in strips (around 1″ wide)


Paper Circles


Paper Loop Flower

Preschoolers and younger kids will need a lot of directing for this one, but most kindergarteners and up will have a lot of fun with this on their own.

For a large flower, loop one strip and glue both ends to the center of the daisy. Continue this until your flower is as full as you want. Finish by gluing a paper circle in the center on top of the loop ends. For a smaller flower, glue the strips in an X shape or star shape and fold them all to the center. Cover the ends with a paper circle.

Paper Daisy Chainpaper flower chain


White and Green Colored paper cut in strips (around 1″ wide)

Staples, glue dots, or tape

paper flower chain


Instead of gluing the paper loop daisies to another piece of paper, you can leave them by themselves and attach them together with green paper loops to make a paper daisy chain! R enjoyed this one. She’s already a pro at making paper chains since we made them for her Rainbow Birthday Party.

I decided to make the green loops into leaf shapes by taping them together at the ends instead of stacked. I love the way it looks, the paper flower chain makes a beautiful Spring decoration for our school room.

Crepe Paper Flowercrepe paper flower


Crepe streamers in green and red (or whatever color flowers you want)


crepe paper flower card


This one is a little more difficult and takes a delicate touch. I’d recommend it for ages 5 and up. Cut the colored streamers into petal shapes. Mine were about 2″ long. Next, glue them together at the center. Add the green leaves to the back. While the glue is still wet, pinch the center of the flower together. Hold in place until it dries.

After the glue has fully dried, you can use the flowers for another project. Roo made a beautiful and elegant card! You could also hot glue them to a branch and stick it in a vase for spring color all year round!

Paper flowers are such a fun craft for kids and so easy on the adults because of how little materials you need! I love how this simple paper craft can turn into party decorations, cards, toys, home decor…

Show me what you did with your paper flower crafts! I’d love to see your ideas.

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