Contact Paper Rainbow Craft

Contact Paper Rainbow Craft | 10 Minute Craft Series

Contact Paper Rainbow CraftContact paper has been surging in popularity as a kids crafting medium recently. I bought some to use in our Nature Sun-catchers a few months ago and have been enjoying searching for more uses. This simple rainbow craft is fun for toddlers all the way to older school age kids. Skills will include fine motor, color identifying, color sorting, rainbow order, and planning. (Plus it’s a great way to use up leftover craft supplies!)

The Contact Paper Rainbow Craft is part of a new 10 Minute Craft series I’m doing for the Summer! These posts will be shorter than normal, but will come out twice a week. In it you will find a new craft to do with your kids that takes little to no prep and only requires 10 minutes of the kids’ attention. During the hot Summer days I know kid’s are bouncing off the walls, thirsty for excitement and movement. Getting them to sit still for craft time is difficult. So this 10 minute craft series is perfect for the Summertime or for kids just learning to sit still and create.

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Contact Paper Rainbow CraftContact Paper Rainbow Craft(3)


Contact paper. We used this kind from (pictured left) but this kind (pictured right) works better.


Miscellaneous crafting supplies and leftovers. Examples that we used are: yarn scraps, buttons, feathers, sequins, pom poms, pipe cleaners, and ribbon scraps.

Pom Pom & Chenille Stem Craft Pack


Draw a rainbow on the non-sticky side of your contact paper with a marker.

Tack the paper to the wall at the child’s eye height, sticky side out.

Go through your craft supplies and sewing box and pull out and leftovers, scraps, or other pieces you haven’t found a use for. Include some of your child’s favorites, Roo loves feathers and pom poms.

You can pre-sort the rainbow colors in an “activity tray” beforehand. (Mine is really a party tray I picked up from the dollar store) Have the kids help you to work color sorting skills!

For older kids, have them fill the rainbow lines with colors in the appropriate order (ROYGBIV)and they will have to plan ahead to use the space properly.

Younger kids will need direction what colors go where and they will over fill many lines, but they are color sorting, matching, and working fine motor skills.

Young toddlers will just have fun seeing that the items stick and seeing if they will come off again. Let them explore these ideas and work the fine motor skills.

No matter what, your contact paper will be full of a beautiful rainbow craft!

Contact Paper Rainbow Craft

(Mom tip: hang it out of reach of playful cats. Mine pulled most of the supplies off and scattered them throughout the house during the night…)

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