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Kiddie Pool Activities

Kiddie Pool Activities

Kiddie Pool Activities

If the weather is warm, fill up your kiddie pool! As long as you keep a close eye on them, Kids will love the opportunity to splash around in just plain water and get cool.

But if you really want to step up your game, put something else in for these kiddie pool activities.

Water Balloons

water balloons-gluesticksgumdrops

Forget the water, just fill the pool with water balloons. Older kids can have a good old fashioned water balloon fight, younger kids can try to toss them back and forth without popping them. Littles might like to get in with the balloons and explore.

Bubbles bubbles in a kiddie pool

One of our favorite kiddie pool activities is to make a kiddie pool into a giant bathtub. Add about a cup of bubble bath to the pool then fill with water using a jet sprayer. Keep the water levels low for an extra slippery experience! We used this kiddie pool activity at Roo’s Rainbow Birthday Party.

Shaving cream

Shaving Cream with Water Beads

All kids love to play with shaving cream! Add some to your kiddie pool and let the kids explore and get foamy. We even added water beads to ours. And it’s so easy to clean up afterwards with a quick rinse from the hose.

Ball pit balls DIY ball pit

A couple hundred ball pit balls like these will make any kiddie pool into a ball pit (without mom worrying about the germs). Careful, it’s hard to keep the balls contained in this kiddie pool activity!

Add bubbles too

ball pit bubbles-fireflymagic

Bubbles AND Balls? Sounds like some great slippery fun! Have the kids dig under the bubbles for balls and sort them by colors. Or just let them dive in and roll around in this kiddie pool activity.

Fill with pillows for lounging

Just keep the kiddie pool dry and empty then toss in some pillows, blankets, and other comfy stuff. This would be great for outdoor quiet time and lounging. On a warm clear night, you could use this idea for star gazing!

Add a slide

Any of these kiddie pool activities (except maybe the lounging) could be twice as fun with a slide! Our favorite slide is this one, we’ve used it since Roo was 18 months old.


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