18 Crafter Gifts

18 Best Gifts for Crafters and Creative People

Gifts for Crafters Shopping Guide18 best gifts for crafters

This shopping guide is a list of gifts for crafters and other creative types. All the products can be found on Amazon and the links are provided in the list and as pictures. Craft lovers are sure to love this gift list!

Crafters can be difficult to shop for. Many of us are a little picky about our supplies and tools. But before you go buy a gift card to their favorite craft store take a look at my list of the 18 Best Gifts for Crafters.

(Then maybe add that gift card to their greeting card?)

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Under $10

Hot Glue Gun: Many Crafters have a love/hate relationship with our hot glue gun. Love because it can do so much! Hate because we are constantly burning ourselves, running out of sticks, and having to buy a new one. Help a crafter out and get them a new one!

Planner Pens: If your Creative Person is a journaler, they are bound to love these pens. So many colors and such fine tips that they can be used for a bullet journal or for an artist to color in their designs.

Paint Brushes: There’s nothing better than that first stroke of paint with a brand new brush. These brushes in particular are for any type of paint. So whether your creative person paints with watercolor, acrylic, or oil paint, these brushes will be a great gift for your crafter!

Retractable Measuring Tape: One thing worse than having to roll up your measuring tape after every use, is loosing all four of your measuring tapes at the same time! With this retractable tape measure, your sewing friend can have another that maybe she won’t lose this time.

Universal Needles: Needles are a perfect gift for sewers. I’ve lost count of how many needles I’ve broken through my few years of learning to sew. If you don’t want to be obvious and ask them what kind of needle their sewing machine takes, try out these universal needles that promise to fit MOST machines!

Under $20

Paint Pens: Rock painting is such a fun activity and is so popular, that many areas have their own rock group for painting and hiding rocks for others to find. These paint pens boast their use for rock painting, but I can see so many other uses too! The perfect gift for crafters.

Spool Organizer: This organizer can hold up to 60 spools of thread. Whether your crafter is into needle work, sewing, or beading, I’m sure they would appreciate this organizer to help free up space in their sewing box. (Because, currently, it is a tangled mess of threads.)

Watercolor Brush Pens: While the pens above were specifically intended for painting rocks, these pens are for watercolor painting. The pens themselves are brushes loaded with the color and would make beautiful designs for greeting cards, stationary, and bullet journals!

Embroidery Thread: Every needlework friend needs more embroidery thread. No matter how many colors she has, it’s never the color she needs for that project! No more with this rainbow set of embroidery thread.

Under $50

Acrylic Paint Set: A new set of paint could be just what your painter needs. This one has 60 tubes that boast rich colors that won’t fade. I would also include a large tube of a color they use often, I’m always running out of white.

Jewelry Boxes: If you are shopping for a jeweler, they might appreciate a set of jewelry boxes. These are cotton filled to protect the jewelry from scratches and tangles while transporting. This makes them a perfect gift for crafters.

Cutting Board: Whether your crafter you are shopping for sews, scrapbooks, or works with jewelry, they cut things. A good cutting board protects their surfaces from nicks and scratches. THIS cutting board self heals to keep the surface smooth. Any crafter would love this gift.

Pouring Medium: I’ve been dying to try pour painting. But the trick is to have the right medium to pour your paint into. Liquitex is Amazon’s top-seller for pouring mediums, so whether the creative person you’re shopping for is a beginner or does pour painting often, they will love using this medium.


Cricut: This Cricut bundle comes with everything a beginner would need to start die-cutting. So if your crafter is looking for a new craft to try, why not splurge on this Cricut Explore Air 2 Machine?

Cricut is currently having a sale! 50% off select materials and 50% off select accessories.

Silhouette: Similar to the Cricut, this bundle also comes with the Silhouette Cameo 3 machine, vinyl, and tools a beginner would need to start die-cutting. I don’t own a die-cutter so I really couldn’t tell you what the differences between the brands are.

Brother Sewing Machine: This sewing machine is not only listed as a best seller on Amazon, but has the Women’s Choice Award too! It has 27 types of stitches, and 6 sewing feet, but probably what won the award is its jam-resistant top loading bobbin. There’s nothing worse than to be nearly finished with a sewing project, only to have the bobbin thread tangle and jam!

Singer Sewing Machine: Singer is probably the most well-known sewing machine brand. It also happens to be the type of machine I use and adore for its simplicity and no-frills functions. It gets the job done without having to pull up the instruction manual every time I want to change the thread.

Gifts for Crafters and Creative People

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I hope one or more of these 18 items finds its way to your shopping list this year. Crafters and creative people can be difficult to shop for, but with this list I hope you found something to wrap and give them. If not, Here’s another shopping guide I did divided by age. Happy shopping!

Gifts for Crafters
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