Quarantine DIY Projects You Can Do In A Weekend

This season of quarantine, fear, and boredom has made me pretty quiet with my blogging. Like many other creatives, I’ve been turning to DIY projects to relieve my stress. Projects done during this season have earned the name “Quarantine DIY Projects” and I wanted to return to blogging to give you some ideas for DIY Projects you can do in a weekend or less.


Makeover Furniture

Craving something new? Instead of going to a crowded store, take an old piece of furniture and give it a makeover! Sometimes just a new coat of paint on that old bench will help liven up an entire room. I took these old stools I found at a garage sale a few years back and gave them a fresh coat of paint. This bright turquoise really livens up my living room.

before and after bar stools quarantine diy project

Beautiful outdoor bench makeover

easy home decor diy projects


Update a table with pour painting

finished tv tray acrylic pour


Or give your old furniture and new purpose

This dresser wasn’t needed in my bedroom after decluttering my clothes. So I moved it to my front entry to store shoes and jackets! After giving it a coat of paint to match my stools of course.

repurposed dresser quarantine DIY project

Set up a Garden

My main Quarantine DIY project has been my garden. I’ve always wanted to have fresh fruits and vegetables at hand, but the recent scarcity of certain items in the grocery stores really gave me a kick in the booty. Coupled with the extra free time, and I was able to build a fence, some raised beds, and trellises to start my first vegetable garden!


Don’t forget the kids!

Kids love to play in the garden too. For toddlers and preschoolers, give them a garden of their own or make some crafts for your garden. I have a whole post on garden projects and activities for toddlers and preschoolers.

Kid's Play Garden


Or give them a sensory garden to go with a mud kitchen

Roo loves her mud kitchen and sensory garden. Here’s how and why we made it.

mud kitchen garden

Every home garden needs a compost bin!

Here’s a great DIY compost bin

It took awhile for my family to commit to composting. Once we jumped on the train, I was excited to get started, but then realized we would need a space for a compost bin. We carved out the perfect nook in our backyard. This DIY is made with pallets, is 100% upcycled and eco-friendly, and Stepson even helped to get a Boy Scout merit badge. It's the perfect solution for our growing compost and super easy for you to replicate. Check it out!


Go vertical with your gardening for a small space

shows a side view of 9 terracotta pots with succulents hanging on a black wood wall mounted on the side of a gray brick house

Build Something

Want to create something where there was only pieces before? I build a behind the couch bar for my stools and it made me feel so accomplished. Here are some more ideas for easy quarantine DIY projects to build this weekend.

How about a place to put your wine glass while in your garden?

DIY Wine Glass Holders | copper wine stakes tutorial


How about a kid sized picnic table for their garden?

shows a backyard with wooden fence and grass with little wood kids picnic table


Or a toothbrush holder!

rustic toothbrush holder DIY


Even an interesting lamp

how to make lamps with copper pipes


How about a concrete table

DIY outdoor concrete table

Get Organized

Having an organized and uncluttered home helps to clear the mind of extra stress. I did the bedrooms and living rooms for one of my quarantine projects, but here are some more organizing ideas you can do this weekend.

Use these fabric boxes to gather the clutter

a sewn fabric storage cube filled with kid's toys


Your charging station needs some organizing too

DIY Cheap, Stylish Charging Station


Don’t forget the school room you know we all have now


Organize your closet

How to organize a closet

More DIY crafts

Beautiful and girly pin board

This Beautiful DIY Pinboard is the Perfect Addition to your Office - Tutorial for making a linen DIY pinboard. I'll show you how to make a fabric covered cork board in just a few easy steps.


Summer vibes with these flip flop hangers

Or any of these other DIYs from my blog

DIY Stuffed Animal Storage Zoo For Kids Rooms

DIY Routine Clock for Kids | Creative Parenting Solutions

8 DIY Craft Kits for Toddlers and Preschoolers

DIY Princess Hair-bow Holder

Sharpie Mugs and Glasses DIY Customizable Gifts


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