DIY Princess Hair-bow Holder

Before having a baby girl, I never knew how many hair-bows one child could own! I’ve been searching for a cute, but functional way to display her hair-bows. Here’s the Princess Hair-bow Holder I created for Roo from a ball of yellow yarn and a cereal box.

Princess Hairbow Holder

DIY Hair-Bow Holder


Yarn *affiliate link*

Empty Cereal Box

Hot Glue Gun *affiliate link*

Gold Glitter Cardstock*affiliate link*

FREE Princess Face Printout

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How To

Print and cut out the FREE Princess face template

Princess Hairbow Holder tutorial

Cut cereal box to the same size and shape

Glue the paper to the cereal box

Princess Hairbow Holder tutorial

Begin gluing the yarn to the face. Extend the yarn to around 30 inches, leave the end at the bottom and glue the top to the top of the face.

Bring the yarn down another 30 inches on the other side.

Loop the end and bring it back up another 30 inches to the middle again.

Repeat several times.

Shape the yarn around the face by gluing the sides away to the sides.

Cut the end once the front is complete.

Turn the face over and begin gluing yarn to the back.

Hair-bow Holder Tutorial

You don’t have to bring the yarn all the way up to the top since the back will be covered against the wall unless you really want to.

Continue until the hair is thick down the back with no gaps.

Cut a crown from the glitter cardstock and glue to the top of the princess’s head.

Hang with a push pin and attach hair-bows and hair-clips.

Roo has just as much fun dressing up her princess with all her hair-bows as she does dressing up her own hair. This Princess Hair-bow Holder is so cute and I love to see all her bows at once to choose one (or five) for the day.

I’d love to see your Hair-Bow Holders with all of your girl’s bows. Send pictures to!

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