Must Have Arts and Craft Supplies for Kids

Are you setting up your arts and craft supplies for your kids for the first time? Planning to homeschool this year? Or maybe your just want to make sure you have everything you need when your kids decide to get creative. Having essential arts and craft supplies on hand is the best way to encourage creativity in your kids. Here are my must have arts and craft supplies for kids.

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must have arts and craft supplies

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Must Have Arts and Craft Supplies for Kids


1. Paper

Paper is the base for a large amount of arts and craft projects. From a simple drawing, to a mixed media collage, you will need paper. What kind of paper?

Printer paper (white, but also some colored paper too)

Construction paper

Sketch pad

Heavy paper for markers and paint


Tissue paper

2. Paint

Yes, this type of art supplies it can be messy. But with supervision and training, even the littlest artists can paint with minimal clean up.

Water colors

Washable acrylic

Paint Brushes of various sizes

And to minimize mess, I recommend giving small amounts of paint at a time on a plate or artist’s tray and having them wear a smock or “painting shirt”

3. Glue

Again, with supervision and training, glue doesn’t have to be a sticky mess.

School glue

Glue sticks (easier for little hands to use)

Clear glue (especially for calm jars, and slime)

4. Crayons, Markers, and/or Colored Pencils


5. Pipecleaners/chenille stems

We use these a lot, check out these pipecleaner crafts.

Pipecleaner Butterfly

Pipecleaner Christmas Ornaments

Pipecleaner Flowers


6. Scissors

7. Yarn and other string

8. Popsicle sticks


9. Beads

For little ones you can get extra large beads or try large buttons instead. Beads aren’t just for fancy decoration, they are great for pincer grip and fine motor skills.  For those still mouthing, you can skip this or try pasta!

10. Shiney stuff

Roo loves the shiney stuff. Glitter especially, but any crafter can tell you how much of a pain it is to clean up glitter! So sometimes we stick to the bigger shineys.




What is Really Necessary for Arts and Craft Supplies for Kids?

This list is far from comprehensive, all encompassing list. These arts and crafts supplies are just the top ten we use most often. If even just these ten seem a little much, start with just paper, markers, scissors and glue.

I also made a video!

Check out my brand new YouTube channel “WhimsyRoo Arts and Craft Channel” and see my very first video where I talk all about these must have arts and craft supplies for kids.


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