Easy Paper Pumpkin Craft for Kids

Fall is in the air! So Roo and I decided to make a paper fall craft today. This paper pumpkin craft was super easy, and Roo was able to follow along without much help!

Fall is by far my favorite season. October is my favorite month of that season because, here in Texas, we don’t start to get real fall weather until then. There’s nothing like that very first cold front when you step outside to feel that first chilly breeze. The air is filled with a sense of electricity and expectancy.

When that first cold front happens, I open all our windows and deep clean the house to clear out the stuffy smell of summer. Then Roo and I head to a park to play and hike and search for Nature Treasure to collect. Once we’re back home, we sip on something warm to drink and work on a fall craft. This paper pumpkin craft was our choice today and Roo was so excited to see the flat strips of paper become a sphere then a palm sized pumpkin. I have to say the paper pumpkins are super cute and I love seeing them decorate my home for this perfect fall weather.

paper pumpkin craft

Easy Paper Pumpkin Craft


orange construction paper cut into strips

glue stick

green pom pom for the stem



Make an X with two strips and glue them together in the center.

paper pumpkin craft make an X

Keep adding strips forming a star shape. We used four strips, depending on the width of your strips you may need more.

paper pumpkin craft make a star

Bring the ends of the first strip to the top and glue them together to make a loop.

Repeat with the second strip and so on.

paper pumpkin craft make a sphere

All strips should be glued together at the top. Younger kids will need help pinching them together as you add more strips.

Add one more glue dot to the very top and press the green pom pom into place. It’s okay to squish the sphere a little to give the pumpkin some shape.

paper pumpkin craft

That’s it! We place our finished paper pumpkin craft on the mantel for fall decorations this year.

paper pumpkin craft

I love October for it’s Fall weather, excitement, and of course for Halloween. Halloween is my favorite holiday (yes, even before Christmas) and I’ve already done so many Halloween crafts and Roo has helped to make Halloween decorations for the house.

What’s your favorite month? Do you have a first cold front tradition? Let me know in the comments!

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